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Carl is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Manaha".


Carl is a camper from camp Towaki. He along with four other boys Alex, Eddy, Steve, and Jonah got permission from camp director Mr. Ostrowski to go on an overnight camping trip deep in the woods. He seems to have a bit of low self-esteem. Also he was really concerned, when he realized that he caught poison ivy on his feet. He believed that this was serious enough to prevent him from going.

Camp counsellor Lonnie, was going to be leading them on their hiking trip. Lonnie was either a trained army drill sergeant or a camp counsellor taking the job too seriously. In a very upset tone he told Lonnie, that he could not go. Due to him catching poison ivy. But Lonnie felt no sympathy for him. Instead Lonnie just shouted at him, while asking him what kind of wimp he was. He said he was any kind of wimp he wanted him to be: As long as he didn't have to go. Then Lonnie sternly told him to put on his shoes. Since he was still going. So it seemed that with Lonnie's encouragement, he ignored his poison ivy. Then he got his shoes on and went. Then it seemed, that he had no further problems afterwards.

During the beginning of the hike, he and the others listened to Lonnie got really mad ticked off for Jonah constantly correcting and contradicting him. Then when setting up camp Lonnie got fed up with Jonah and pushed him. Jonah ended up knocking Lonnie's knapsack down a small hill.

When Lonnie realized that Jonah was taking a long time retrieving it, they went down to check on him. Alex and Lonnie found out that Jonah discovered a small aboriginal burial tomb. Jonah told them before they showed up that he lifted a statue off of a plinth. Then Jonah mistakenly released an evil Shaman. The Shaman warned Jonah that now he was free. Also that the Shaman would have flesh eating monsters roam around the forest. So the Shaman warned them to leave the woods as soon as possible.

He and the others didn't believe Jonah. They all just thought that since Jonah was younger, he was just seeing things and was spooked by the woods and being away from civilization. When his division went over to the ranger station to check in with the Forest Ranger. At first the place seemed deserted. Jonah got really tense and anxious worrying that the Manaha captured the Forest Ranger. Then Jonah backed into someone thinking it was a Manaha and screamed. It turned out it was just the Forest Ranger. He stepped away for a few minutes. So he and the others all laughed at Jonah.

That evening, when he and the others all heard Lonnie scream in the woods, they went over to check on him. Then he and the others all saw huge footprints. He and the others now realized that Jonah really was telling the truth. When heading over to the Ranger station, he and the others found the place all messed up and trashed. So now they realized the Manaha captured the ranger as well.

Against Jonah's advice, he and the others all tried heading back to camp for help in separate directions. Until he and the others found out that Eddy had gotten captured too.

Then he, Alex, Steve and Jonah found Eddy, Lonnie and the Forest Ranger. They were all bound and gagged in a bark like material and suspended in the air. It seemed that the Shaman was preparing to light bonfires beneath them. Then offer them in a sacrificial ritual.

Jonah now finally realized that Manaha were linked to beliefs. So they were only visible to those who believed in them. So Jonah faced the Shaman and denied that the Manaha were real. So they disappeared. Then Jonah tricked the Shaman into believing the Manaha had turned against him. It was done by having, he, Alex and Steve dressed like Manaha in dark ponchos. Then made similar sounds with sticks while rustling the trees and bushes. The Shaman fell for it and was fearfully lead back into the burial cave. Where Jonah returned the statue back to the plinth. This once again sealed the Shaman away.

Afterwards, Jonah finally earned he and all of the others respect. So Jonah lead he and the others all on a five mile hike back to camp. While Lonnie would be at the end carrying all of the bags.

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