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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Carl Mueller is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Vampire Town".


Carl is a mortician who lives in a small town called Wisteria. He is a very tense, anxious and paranoid man. He is a married man who works at the Wisteria Funeral Home.

The town has a reputation for its rumor on being flooded with vampires. To which tourists believe are mere rumors. Until they have misfortune of possibly encountering them. One evening, during a thunderstorm, he was just about to go home. Then he suddenly heard a banging sound. So he went off to investigate. He checked the coffins and found nobody hiding in them.

Next he checked the prep room. When checking under a bed, another body nearby rose up and slowly closed on in him. Then he bumped his head and passed out. The creature was a vampire, who was just about to bite him. Then it saw his holy cross necklace. Which repelled the vampire and saved him.

A week later, the Carballo family came for a trip to Wisteria. Their teenage son Adder was a creepy, Gothic person who was greatly obsessed with vampires. Adder even dressed like them, complete with makeup and sunglasses. The family stayed at the old town hotel. The hotel manager was his friend Stanley who seemed to be even more tense, anxious and paranoid than he. Later that evening, Stanley had his suspicions about the Carballo couple's son Adder. Beside Adder's creepy appearance, he only checked in at nighttime, and wanted to explore the catacombs below the hotel.

Therefore Stanley immediately phoned him and told him all about Adder. Along with the possibility that he may have been the vampire who attacked him the week before. Therefore he immediately agreed to investigate with Stanley and hunt him down. Sure enough he and Stanley found Adder snooping around in the catacombs. Little did he know was that Adder was just a gothic normal teenage boy who was obsessed with vampires. Who was in search of the Greatest Vampire of all: Dreyfus! So he and Stanly slowly followed him around, while being armed with hammers and stakes.

Then a little further ahead, Adder entered a small burial chamber with a huge coffin. Then he and Stanley, stormed in armed with their hammers and stakes. He and Stanley angrily told him they've got him and thought that they had seen the last of his kind ages ago. Then Adder nervously tried to tell him and Stanly that he was not a vampire, but he and Stanley they didn't believe Adder. So in order to distract he and Stanley, Adder pulled the stake out of the coffin and threw it at him. Then Adder ran off into the catacombs. However Adder didn't realize that he just pulled the stake out of Dreyfus' coffin. Then the coffin began to open by itself!

Soon enough he and Stanley caught up with Adder. Adder gave them his word that he was not a vampire, just a vampire hunter. He and Stanley were not convinced. Since he looked like a vampire. Then he screamed at him wielding the stake. Then Adder closed the gate and ran off again. He and Stanley ended up chasing Adder all the way upstairs inside the Wisteria Funeral Home.

Just as he and Stanley were about to split up, they both cornered Adder. Armed with their stakes pointing right at him, Adder then pointed out his reflection in the mirror. But Stanley told him that it must have been a trick. Then he screamed at him, telling his kind to leave their town alone. Adder once again tried to convince them that he was a normal teenage boy, by saying that he was just on a trip with his parents who were guests at Stanley's hotel. Finally Adder said that his appearance was all makeup and just an act. So he can pretend and see if vampires really do exist and that he actually found one. For a moment he and Stanley almost believed him. Then he and Stanley disagreed and screamed at him, saying that they also found a vampire and it was him! Then he and Stanley prepared to vigorously nail their stakes into Adder's heart!

Then suddenly an immense gust of wind and smoke rose through the floor. He was horrified and shocked to see that Dreyfus had appeared. Then he froze in fear as Dreyfus grabbed him. Stanley got scared and ran away, as he screamed repeatedly for help. Then Dreyfus closed in to bite him. Then Adder opened up a vial and told Dreyfus that it was raven's blood with nightshade and mandrake: A delicacy which no vampire could resist! So Dreyfus immediately dropped him and went after the vial. Then as Dreyfus began to drink from it, Adder opened the curtains and exposed Dreyfus to the morning sunshine.

He watched in complete shock as Dreyfus got destroyed, instantly burning to a big pile of ash. He then felt awful about how he and Stanley treated him. So he gratefully thanked him for saving his life saying that it was Dreyfus all along. Adder told him that he never actually thought he would find a vampire, he thought it was all just a game. He then seriously told him that in Wisteria it's no game, because there are dozens of vampires buried in the catacombs. Usually they have no problems, but every once in a while one shows up and it really is Vampire Town. For saving his life,  Adder's only favor in return was for him to tell Stanley that he was not actually a vampire. Then he and Adder both laughed about how Stanley ran off like a scared weenie when Dreyfus appeared.

However, he wasn't aware that Stanley was actually a vampire, clandestinely lurking among humans. In fact, Stanley was the very same vampire who attack him the week before, and was trying to pin the blame on Adder! Also Stanley eventually revealed his secret to Adder and bit him! Whether or not if he would ever discover Stanley's secret and destroy him is unknown.


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