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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Catherine Crawley is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Vacant Lot.


Catherine Crawley doubted her plain average self. She was discouraged to find out that she made it number 4 out 5 on the track team. Her little sister Joyce and her best friend Sue Simpson were both supportive and they believed in her. Then a player named Eric, from the boys soccer team accidentally kicked the ball at her. He apologized and she threw it back to him. Then on the way home, her sister suddenly remembered that she forgot her books at school. So she ran back to get them.

Suddenly, her hat blew off. So she ran after it to a nearby vacant lot. Then much to her surprise, the vacant lot now had an outdoor store. Then she begun to look around. When she was greeted by the store owner, who told her that she could have whatever she wanted. She got nervous and about to leave, when the store owner offered her a special pair of running shoes. She introduces herself as Marie. The woman wore black robes and a masked hood. Then she told her that she knew what it felt like to be average. So she wanted to help her.

She considered the shoes, but she had no money. Marie offered a trade: her valuable silver ring for the shoes. She said that she couldn't bare to give it away. Since it was a gift from her grandfather. Marie instead asked for something that meant nothing to her. She had no clue what it could be. Then Marie said since it had no value she wouldn't even miss it. So she accepted the deal and got the running shoes.

The next day, she did run faster than everyone else. Her coach was so impressed, she even considered making her the team captain. Sue complimented her on a job well done. Then Sue asked her how she improved so soon. Suddenly, her attitude becomes nasty. So she insulted and talked down to Sue. She rudely told Sue that she's fast and she's slow. Then she told Sue that she wasn't as special as she thought. Then she coldly left with Sue feeling insulted.

When she and Joyce get home, she looked in the mirror. Then she noticed a brown lesion on her cheek. She was startled about at it, but her sister could not see it. Then when she checked again, it now appeared to be gone. So she shook it off thinking it was just her imagination.

The next day at School, she accidentally bumped her locker door into Eric who was passing by. Eric commented that they kept running into each other. Since Eric wasn't officially dating anyone, she was about to ask him out. Then another girl named Heather came by. She asked him if they were still going out that night. He smiled saying absolutely. Then she disappointedly watched him leave with Heather.

She felt bad about herself, and ran over to the vacant lot. Marie reminded her that everything was free. Then Marie aggressively grabbed her by the wrist, telling her that she still wanted her ring. She said no, because it meant too much to her, and she never even takes it. Marie once again offered to take something that meant nothing to her. She was confused by what she meant. Since she didn't seem to have taken anything before. However Marie insisted that she did take something the last time, and she will again. So she agreed to do a trade again. Then afterwards, she was now dressed in beautiful expensive clothing.

Later that evening, she helped Joyce with her homework. She was patient at first. Suddenly she became mean and nasty. So she told her that she was just stupid. So she was tutoring an idiot. Then she told her to help herself and leave her alone; Joyce seemed very hurt and upset. She could hear Marie laughing in the background. Then in her mirrors reflection she was covered with lesions and rashes all over face. After seeing this she smashed her mirror and ignored it.

The next day at school, she met with Sue and another girl. Sue although insulted by her the other day, doesn't seem to be mad at her. They are excited, because they're going to buy tickets from Sue's other friend for a concert. They are for a band called "The Blasters". Which is sold out now. She was disappointed hearing they could only get two tickets. She decided to be nice and fair. So she told them to go and have fun without her. She was about to apologize to Sue, when Marie appeared in the hallway. Seeing Marie, she said never mind and ran off.

She went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. She had to make sure the lesion wasn't back again (it wasn't). Marie appeared telling her that she could give her anything she wanted. Then she gave her a free makeover and did her hair. Marie then took off her face mask. She showed her that the bottom of her face was covered in rashes, sores, lesions and scabs. Marie warned her that she was once beautiful too. Seeing this she backed away scared. She began to realize that the same thing might happen to her too! Marie then offered her two last tickets to The Blasters for free. Knowing she's had enough stuff and that her friends wanted them first, she abruptly told her no. Then she ran off.

Running away and not looking, she bumped into Eric again. Eric said that he liked how she seemed to be wherever he turned now. Hearing this she smiled realizing that he did like her. Giving it a thought, the two tickets appeared in her hand. She asked Eric to go with her to the concert. He was thrilled and gratefully accepted to go with her. That night, getting ready for the date, she complained that she has nothing to wear. Joyce told her that what she was already wearing looked fine. Then she rudely told her that Eric had already seen her in it. Suddenly she decided to go to the vacant lot again. When asked where she is going she rudely tells Joyce to mind her own business.

Joyce followed her to the store. Then she watched her quickly grab a handful of clothing for free. She asked Marie if she wants to make a trade. Marie told her there was no need. Because she was about to get exactly what she wanted. Back at home Catherine was now dressed very nicely. Then Joyce came into her room. Looking at Joyce, she was now wearing expensive clothing too! Also she had both a makeover and her hair done. Joyce was now nasty, cold and unpleasant too. She snapped at her, telling her that she knew all about Marie: The mysterious woman who gives her free stuff. So now it was her turn to get what she wants too.

Worried, she told her it was not free and to give it back. Joyce tells her she always has and always will be selfish. So now it's her turn to get what she wants too. Then she tells her to enjoy her date. In the background Marie could be heard laughing again. She turned her cracked mirror around and looked at it. Marie appeared, and asked her if she had everything she wanted now. Marie said that she knew that she sure did. Suddenly Marie disappeared, after saying that everything comes with a price. Now her face and hands broke out into to a huge rash, with big painful lesions, sores and blisters. She ran into Joyce's bedroom and found her crying. The same thing also happened to her sister. Since she took far too much from Marie too soon!

She ran back to the vacant lot. Then she tried to return everything. She calls out that she just wanted everything to be like it was before. Marie now unmasked came out saying it was too late, to her surprise Marie was beautiful again. Her face and hands looked like polished marble now. She asked Marie what happened, Marie tells her that she went through the same thing that she did when she was a teenager. She wasn't happy with who she was either. Then out of nowhere she found this store. It had a strange masked woman who gave her everything she wanted: for a price. She didn't know what she was giving up until it was too late. Since she kept ignored the warning signs when she looked at herself in the mirror. Since mirrors never lie.

Confused she tells Marie, that she just wanted things that didn't mean anything to her. Marie tells her she wanted the one thing she thought had no value and she got it: she took her love! Now she has been cursed by her own greed. Now all all has to do, is to run a store and find another greedy girl. One who also feels sorry for herself and to simply give her everything she wants. Eventually that girl will unwillingly give she her love in exchange. She asked her to spare Joyce, feeling that she deserved this but her sister did not. So she offered Marie her ring in exchange for Joyce being spared. Marie promised to spare her. However, after Marie put the ring on, the curse suddenly returned to her and came back with a vengeance! Marie got cursed by her own greed, and far worse than before.

Since she decided to give up her most prized possession, it was a selfless act to save her sister. This was more than enough love to return the curse back to Marie, who was nothing more than truly selfish. Suddenly the wind blew Marie away, along with the whole store. Her sister ran back to herm and they're were both back to normal. She told her that Marie was gone. Since she was too greedy and wanted far too much. All she wanted now were only the things that matter. Finding her ring on the ground, she decided to give it to Joyce as a sign of love. When they got home, she found Eric who had been waiting for her. So she apologized for being so late. Then she told him that he lost the tickets, but Eric wasn't mad at all. He just liked her for who she was, and not what she could give him. Also he wanted to get to know her better. So he took her hand and they went for a walk.

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