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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Chadwick is a minor character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Oblivion".


Chadwick was a monk during the middle ages. He and his superior Thelodius had been the keepers of the Tools of Oblivion. The tools had the power to literally erase anything that a person would draw or write down. During which an evil power hungry Viking, known as Kronos the Conqueror was in pursue of. One night Kronos had broken into the monastery. Thelodius‎‎ immediately informed him that they needed to protect the tools from falling into the wrong hands. When watching Thelodius‎‎ take out a piece of parchment, he was worried that he would erase Kronos. Feeling sympathetic, he felt that being erased was a too cruel a fate for even Kronos. He quickly question him about it, but Thelodius‎‎ told him that there was no other way. So he observed Thelodius write down Kronos' name. Then just as Kronos had broken down the door, it was erased it. This literally erased Kronos. He and Thelodius then sent the tools to be hidden into the future.

At a later period of time in the future, a boy named Max found the tools, having bought them from Sardo. Soon Max erased himself to oblivion to rescue his twin sister Shelley (whom he had erased earlier). Then Max encountered Kronos. Kronos bartered with Max: He would let his sister out of a cage. Which had been prepared to be sent through a garbage disposal unit to make more room for Oblivion. So Max gave Kronos the tools.

Therefore Kronos immediately drew and erased a medieval door. In which it would return to Kronos to he and Chadwick's time period. He and Chadwick were terrified to see him. Luckily just before Kronos entered the door, Max revealed that he had secretly broken the tools in half. So Max erased all of Oblivion (except he, his sister, Sardo and a dog named Butch). Afterwards, he and Chadwick would never have to endure the wrath of Kronos the Conqueror ever again.


  • Matt Holland also portrayed Drake.

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