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The Chameleons or the Evil Chameleons were characters created by Betty Ann. They appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Chameleons".


They are a race of evil reptiles, that have been plotting to take over the world by switching places with human beings. Their motive for doing this is unknown. Other than just wanting to take over the life of a human being and enjoy living their life.

The Chameleon finds a human being to prey on. Then it switches places with and tells them the Chameleons rhyme: "Bite you once, bite you twice. A little water pay the price!". The Chameleon has to bite the human two times, after the second bite the Chameleon gains the power to transform into the human's twin clone. Finally the last step is for their victim to be doused with some water, when this happens the victim turns into a chameleon taking it's place.

Afterwards, The Chameleon  immediately gains all their victims abilities, skills, knowledge and memories and begins to live their victims life. Sometimes they become their victims opposite such as becoming mean and nasty when the victim was good and kind or the other way around. Also the victim who becomes a Chameleon obtains the powers too and can attempt to get their life back by going after the Chameleon or to bite their own victim and take over another person's life. To destroy a Chameleon it needs to be killed.


  • The Chameleons were actually portrayed by iguanas.

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