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Charles Pemberton-Shilling III is a character created by Kristen. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Frozen Ghost".


Charles is spoiled and privileged boy from a rich family. He is fairly close to his long time babysitter Daphne. He enjoyed the lavish and luxurious life and always prefers to relax. While his babysitter Daphne is always trying to encourage him to play outside and have fun like a normal kid.

During the events of the story, his parents were going away to a wedding. So he spends the weekend in the country visiting his two Great Aunts: Gretta and Maylene. Daphne came along with him to keep him company. His great Aunts were more than pleased to have them over, but they were very poor. They couldn't pay the bills on time so their electricity and furnace was cut off.

His great Aunts didn't dare ask his parents to lend them money. Since his great-grandfather and his Aunt's father many years ago had a family feud. Therefore the other side of the Pemberton-Shilling, family doesn't dare ask them for any money. The feud happened because many years ago when his great-grandfather hired a man, to work on the family farm. Aunt Gretta and Aunt Maylene's father suspected something strange about the man all along, but his Aunts brother, (his great-grandfather) didn't listen and allowed him work on the farm. The farmhand, eventually turned out to be a notorious bank robber, and robbed a bank one day. The robber was caught running away in the woods and he was put onto a train and sent to prison. Apparently the train crashed on the way and all the passengers died.

During this time he became suspicious and he could have sworn his Aunts mention there being a ghost nearby. One night he has a nightmare. In the dream he can see through a hole. There is a tall man. The man is rudely asking another kid to give something back to him. The man then seems like he is climbing in closer reaching for something. Then he pulls it to him and takes away something red.

He woke up terrified and shocked. Then he heard a noise from outside. So he looked out the window. He can see someone outside in illuminating clothing, saying an eerie voice "I'm cold!" He just saw the Frozen Ghost! Then he ran into Daphne's room and woke her up scared out of his mind. He explains his dream to her, but she didn't believe him and just told him to go back to bed.

The next morning at breakfast, he and Daphne were still mad at each other. He explains that saw a ghost, but she doesn't believe him. Aunt Maylene revealed to him and Daphne that there really was a ghost. However, they were not going to mention it because they didn't want to scare he and she. But since he has seen it, they decide to tell he and she.

His Aunt Maylene explained that many years ago, there was a young boy from a neighboring nearby farm. Aunt Greta and Aunt Maylene's father told them, that this boy was always sneaking around their house to find out where their mother had hidden the cookies. Then one day he was found in their wood shed all curled up. Almost like he was trying to stay warm but froze to death and died.

His Aunts assure him that the ghost was friendly and never comes into the house. But he was still scared of it.

Soon he and Daphne went outside to chop some firewood. He was being a pain in the neck and didn't want to try woodcutting. Daphne tried to encourage him to try something different. Then he complained that he would get dirty, she lectured him for being such a wimp and a wuss. Then after a brief argument, she rubbed mud all over his clothes to show him that it's not a big deal to get dirty.

Soon he Daphne just suddenly stopped in the tracks, hearing an eerie and spooky sound. He insisted that it was the ghost and that they needed to head back to the house right away. Daphne was curious and wanted to go check it out for herself. Then when she was gone, invisible foot prints suddenly started to appear in the mud. He backed away scared. Then turned around to run.

Then right up in person was the frozen ghost! The frozen ghost kept telling him in a spooky and eerie voice "I'm cold!".

He ran away terrified, running of at full speed screaming at the top of his lungs. But he just kept bumping into the frozen ghost who kept on telling him "I'm cold!". He ran around screaming so much, until he fell face first into a big mud puddle.

Then Daphne found him and helped out of the mud puddle. He explains to her that the ghost is here and it keeps on following him. Then he and Daphne both looked on in frightened shock, when they saw frozen ghost standing nearby a toppled over tree log.

He tells her that it's from the message in his dream: In his dream the robber put a jacket in the hole. So he goes over to dig through the hole in the log. There he finds an old red jacket. Also some old long antique keys falls out from the jacket pocket.

He gave the red jacket to the ghost, and the ghost put it on. Suddenly the ghost transforms into a normal healthy looking young boy and then vanishes. He and she were relieved to find out that the ghost was harmless, and all he wanted was his jacket because he was cold.

Then back at the house, he showed his aunts the key they found. Aunt Maylene suddenly remembered what it was : It is a latch for the stove pipe! So she placed it into the long stove and turned it open. The suddenly a loud crashing and jingling sound came from inside the wood stove.

The he opened the door on the wood stove, and out came a plethora of old dusty golden coins. He, Daphne and his two aunts all looked in amazement and shock as he picked up a handful of coins. It turns out that the farmhand/bank robber hid the money he stole in the pipe of the wood stove.

So now his aunts will also be rich and they would not have to worry about financial problems any longer!

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