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This good character is a hero.

Charlie Dempster is a character created by Stig. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float".


In the early 1950s, he was in loving and committed relationship with his at the time girlfriend Cindy. He worked as a lifeguard at a high school that just recently opened a swimming pool within the school. He was hired as the pool lifeguard.

What he and everybody else didn't know, was that the pool had a dark secret: It was haunted by an invisible partly acid based corpse. In order to build the school's pool, they had to move an old cemetery that was next to to the school. They thought that they had moved all of the bodies. However one was forgotten. Therefore its spirited manifested into a vengeful corpse. One who wanted revenge on whoever dared to disturb its eternal sleep.

One day, in 1954 (shortly after the pool opened) his girlfriend Cindy visited him, when he was on duty. She brought her younger kid brother Joe with her. He allowed Joe to swim in the pool, he gave his word that the pool was safe, but to still swim carefully. Instead of keeping a constant eye on him, he was more interested in spending time alone with Cindy and making out with her.

Suddenly, he and Cindy heard Joe screaming bloody murder for his help. Joe cried to him that something was in the pool. When he and Cindy when to check on him, he and she was horrified. Joe was in the process of being vigorously grabbed by the foot from the corpse below and being drowned.

He immediately grabbed a buoy and jumped in. He tried his best to save Joe. But the corpse was invisible. So he could so what was preventing him from rescuing Joe. He failed to rescue Joe in time. So Joe drowned. To get a better understanding of what had just happened. He looked into the history of where the pool was built. He then realize that it was haunted by that evil zombie. He couldn't see it, but he recognized its peculiar foul stench. Whenever it would approach a new victim, it would smell like foul rotten eggs and acid.

Nobody believed him when he reported how Joe died and that the pool was dangerous. Until three more people drowned. Finally, the pool was drained and closed down. Then the door was block off by a false wall.

He soon became a custodian at the same high school. It is unclear whether this was a coincidence, or to keep an eye on the pool and make sure nobody would ever find it. Eventually in 1994, his nightmare came true. A brilliant student named Zeke Matthews found the swimming pool. The entrance to the pool after all these years had become a boys' locker room. The false wall covering the door to the pool had become a unit of lockers.

Zeke showed it to a girl named Clorice hoping to impress her. Clorice was on the school swim team. So she soon persuaded the school to reopen the pool. So she and her team would no longer have to take an hour long bus ride to an out of town pool to practice.

One day after school, he found out that Clorice and Zeke were swimming by themselves alone in the pool. Clorice was teaching Zeke how to swim, when suddenly, the corpse attacked them. It knocked them both out of their raft and attempted to drown them. They were both horrified realizing something was after them. He showed up in the nick of time. Then he handed them the handle of a long net and they grabbed onto it. Then he pulled them both out.

In the locker room, he explained everything to them about his past, the pool, and the zombie in the pool. He was still concerned that they wouldn't be able to stop it. Since because nobody could see it. Then Zeke came up with a brilliant idea: Zeke poured Methyl Orange into the pool. When Methyl Orange reacts with acid, it turns it red. The zombie instantly became visible at long last. It was a horrifying red skeleton like zombie. Finally seeing what it looked like, he got so scared that he went into shock.

He soon woke up just in time, to pull Zeke out of the pool. Zeke jumped into the pool to distract the corpse, while Clorice retrieved a jar of a chemical they needed, that accidentally fell into the pool. It was Manganite. When it is mixed with water it explodes like a volcano. Just after he pulled Zeke out, Clorice got out and she opened the jar. Then she doused the corpse with the Manganite. The Corpse loudly and violently screamed and moaned as it bubbled, oozed, sizzled, steamed and evaporated away into nothing. At last the nightmare was finally over and he gratefully thanked them for all of their help.

Afterwards the corpse never bothered anyone in the pool again, and he was no longer tortured by his memories.

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