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This good character is a hero.

Chris is a character created by Kristen. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Locker 22".


Chris is a student at Derby High School. He befriends Julie Dufaux shortly after she enrolls at his school. He helps show her around helps her find her classes.

Soon Julie trusted him and told him that she believed to be seeing a ghost! So that night he told someone who knew about it, but unknown to him, the person spread it as a rumor around school. This resulted in Julie becoming mad at him, for making everyone think she was the new crazy foreign exchange student.

Julie soon forgave him and asked him why he told someone. He told her that he only told one person, because there have been rumors of a ghost haunting the school for years. Also that he knows someone who knows someone else who thinks they saw the ghost. But he didn't mean to make it spread around like a rumor.

Then Julie showed him a secret. When he was close to her, she put on a beaded necklace. This took them to the past. He was surprised to see how young Mr. Shaffner was back then. Then was greeted by another hippie girl, The girl addressed Julie as Candy and she invited him and her over that night to listen to her new copy of the Beatles' White Album. This was a clue as to how far back in time they went.

When he and Julie returned to the present, he checked through the lockers records to see who in 1968 had Julie's locker. He checked the 1968 year, because it was the year that the Beatles' White Album came out. He finds out it belonged to a girl named Candy Warren. Then he and Julie checked the 1968 yearbook and found the memorial tribute page for Candy Warren.

Julie wanted him to continue helping her, but he was getting a little freaked out. But Julie convinced him to keep finding out what Candy was trying to tell them.

So later that day, Chris speaks to the school's eldest teacher Mr. Radeau. He asked Mr. Radeau since he has taught at the school for so long, if he remembered a Candy Warren and what happened to her. Mr. Radeau informs Chris that he did know Candy Warren. And she wasn't sick, in fact she died in a accident in their school. It involved an explosion in the chemistry lab. When he tells Chris that Mr. Shaffner was Candy's chemistry teacher, he quickly hurries to find Julie. Since she is going back in time to the very day that Candy Warren died.

When he cannot find Julie, he found Candy's ghost and she sends him back to the past. He hurries along to the chemistry lab to stop Julie from lighting the gas. He almost doesn't make since Mr. Shaffner tries to stop him in the hallway, thinking he is interfering. He breaks free, snapping at Mr. Shaffner telling him that he is his future and he should let him do what he came to do.

He enters the classroom, just as Julie is about to lit the Bunsen Burner and he quickly puts it out. At first both Julie and Mr. Shaffner were mad at him, demanding to know why he did that. Then he showed them that gas hose, he reveals that it was rotted right through. So if she had light the gas the whole place would have blown up. Then he rudely asked Mr. Shaffner whether or not he properly checks his equipment and suggests to him, that he may be in the wrong line of work.

Then he observes the real Candy Warren and Mr. Shaffner tell Julie that if he hadn't seen that, Candy would have been toast!

Then back in the present, he and Julie realize that they saved Candy Warren's life. So time was altered and now Miss Warren was the assistant principal Instead of Mr. Shaffner. Then he watched Miss Warren takes Donny and Fritz to her office to discipline them for picking on Julie.

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