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This good character is a hero.

Chris is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Phone Police".


Chris is Jake O'Brien's best friend. Chris had recently got into the habit of making prank phone calls. He was being shown by Jake (who was very experienced and had been doing them for a while) how to make really funny ones. He enjoyed doing them, but he did feel a little lenient and sympathetic for the people they were prank calling.

One night, when Jake's parents were away on vacation, he was visiting Jake. They were making a hilarious prank call. Then when it was getting good, Jake's older sister Annie stopped them. Annie who was furious and fed up with Jake making prank phone calls, warned him and Jake that if they didn't stop, then sooner or later they would be caught and arrested by The Phone Police.

Annie told him and Jake all about the Phone Police, which was a secret vigilante police group, who arrests and captures anyone who misuses the phone. She also told him and Jake all about a boy named Billy Baxter, who many years ago abused the phone and was captured by The Phone Police and never seen again.

He didn't seem to believe it at first, but Jake did and was curious enough to look up Billy's number. The next day, when he and Jake were out for a walk, Jake was stressed and restless, telling him all about the static like and creepy person who kept phoning him all night asking for help. Then as he and Jake were walking along, a payphone begun ringing. To he and Jake shocking surprise it was Billy Baxter once again asking for help.

He then went along with Jake to The Phone Company to ask for help, little did they know that this was a trap in the making. When the Receptionist heard Jake got answer from that old phone number, she was shocked. She then told them to ask the people in the records department. Little did he and Jake know, that on their way to the basement, she contacted the phone police.

Chris eye witnessed Jake being arrested by the phone police, when showing the Phone Company Manager the old phone number. However he run away and alluded capture.

However he got a huge shocking surprise, he went back to Jake's house out of breath and terrified. He tried to ask Annie for help and explain that Jake was captured by the Phone Police. Annie claimed she never had a brother, also he noticed Jake's bedroom was changed into a home office. He was about to be beamed by a huge flower vase when realizing she meant what she said about never having a brother.

Annie threatened to call the cops on him, if he didn't leave her house at once. Then he mentioned to her that she told him about the story about The Phone Police and Billy Baxter. She told him, she heard it differently and the captured kid was named Jake O'Brien.

He apologized and left, and quickly went to check the public phone book. He was shocked how fast Jake's name and number was now in it. He called Jake in his cell and organized an escape for him.

He then went to the Phone Company, and on a payphone he called Jake's number and put a rubber band on the phone so the receiver wouldn't hang up. Then when the manager went to lecture Jake for not answering his phone, he pushed him into Jake's cell and they ran off.

The escape was tricky, officers were at every turn, and eventually it escalated into a police car chase. Finally he and Jake got to his house. Annie then made it clear that she knew Jake again, and he realized Jake's room was back to normal.

Then the door was knocking, he and Jake begged Annie not answer it because it was a Phone Police officer. Then to he and Jake's surprise it was only a pizza delivery guy at the wrong house. Then being tired he and Jake felt weirded out and wondered if anything with the Phone Police really did happen.

He and Jake never made a prank call again, just to be on the safe side!

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