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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Chris Leary is a character created by Stig. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Station 109.1".


After playing a game of capture the flag with his friends in a graveyard, Chris developed an obsession with death and the afterlife. So he dressed all in black clothing and suits. He was obsessed with acting out funerals. He would often pretend it was a funeral for him. He would play funeral music. He would even go so far are putting dirty socks on the furnace, to make his room smell like decay.

He would also taunt his parents and older brother Jamie. During meals he would pretend to bury his food and ask them to imagine how it would feel to be buried alive. This really creeped his family out, and they were getting fed up. Then a day later, on his was out he sealed an insect inside a large glass jar. Then he wondered how long it can survive in it for.

That evening at home, Jamie (who is a part-time mechanic) informed him that the past afternoon a hearse came into the shop for servicing. Hearing this, he was amazed and he couldn't believe him. Jamie showed him that he had the keys. When they went over to see the hearse, he wondered how many bodies had been in it. Jamie opened the door to let him inside. Then he lay down, and he crossed his arm to imagine things. Then he said: "Here lies Chris Leary, dearly departed".

The suddenly the radio went on blaring with loud music. The horn honked non-stop and the windshield wipers went back and forth non-stop. For a moment, he was scared out of his skin thinking the hearse was haunted. Then he looked outside the window and saw his brother laughing and holding on a huge battery. Turns out Jamie connected the engine to a battery and jump started the engine. This made everything go off at the same time. Realizing the cruel joke, he yelled at Jamie to let him out. Jamie just kept on laughing at him and told him to be quiet or he'll wake the dead!

Finally he turned off the ignition, and everything stopped. But before he got out of the hearse the radio went on by itself. Then a broadcast came on saying it was Radio Station 109.1 for the dimensionally challenged. Then a DJ said that sometimes when people die they miss their chance to crossover and need guidance. That is where they come in: All they need to do is follow his voice and he'll help them find the way "home".

Later at home, he heard another broadcast on the radio from the same DJ. The topic was: Death and dying and what's the next step?  The DJ once again said that he'd like to invite anyone hearing him to come to the station. Then suddenly Jamie came in teasing him bout the prank and quickly changed the radio station. Feeling mad, he snapped at him for changing it. Jamie said that it was 4 pm and time for his favorite radio show Clark & Ryan. Ticked off he stormed away telling him to do what he wants. Jamie told him not to be mad at him, because he was just trying to get him to lighten up.

Then he went on the internet to check a radio station records website. It had no records of a current place for Station 109.1. Then when he checked for previous and last known entries for it, he found the address. Then a day later, he walked over to the radio station. Then on the way, an elderly woman asked him he knew the way "home". The woman was with a small group of elderly people who all seem disoriented, lost and confused. A little confused himself, he just told her no and he was sorry, because he didn't know. When he got to the station 109.1. building, he let himself in.

There were a couple of elderly people all sitting down. They would each go up when their number was called. Chris asked them what the place was, but nobody answered him. Then he cut in line and knocked on the front window. The DJ snapped at him for not waiting in line. Then the DJ just decided to just speak with him and get it over with.

As soon as he went into the room to speak with the DJ, a green numbered bracelet was slapped onto his wrist and it wouldn't come off. The DJ said that bracelet would relieve him from anything that was keeping him to the physical world. Reacting with confusion, the DJ told him that he was going to the next life, and to wait until his number was called. Then step through the doors. Hearing this, he was horrified and he told him he was not done with his first life yet. The DJ then asked him, if he wasn't dead, then how did he hear of the station. He told him it was from the radio in the hearse. Now the DJ was convinced that he was Daniel James Carpenter: A elderly man who missed the chance to crossover by staying in the hearse too long. He tried to convince the DJ that he made a mistake, but he didn't believe him. So he ran off scared.

When he got home, he tried to explain to his brother everything that happened to him. But Jamie didn't answer him. So he tried to slap him across the face to get his attention, but his hand just went right through him like he was a ghost. Now he realized that he could not be seen, heard or touched. And it was because of the bracelet he had on. He tried to stay home, and not go back. Then suddenly when running into another room he was teleported back to the waiting room at the radio station.

Hearing the numbers called out on the P.A. he realized his number would soon be called. So he tries to pull off the bracelet but it wouldn't come off. Then he tried to run away but every time he left a room, he was still in the station. Then he found the DJ's office. Here the DJ made another broadcast to help more deceased people who didn't crossover right away.

The DJ finally revealed his name to be Roy. Then he once again tried to convince him he made a mistake. Roy snapped at him telling him that he didn't make mistakes. Because when he was alive, he worked a government job for the department of motor vehicles. When he realized it 4 pm, he changed the broadcast to Clark & Ryan's station and took over their broadcast.

Jamie could finally hear him. So he explained to him that he was at Station 109.1.: A crossover station and they had him mistaken to be Daniel Carpenter who recently died. Also they were trying to send him to the afterlife. Also that he ran away once and tried to come home but he couldn't see, hear or feel him. His brother thought it was a practical joke at first and didn't believe him. Until an old man Jamie bumped into the night before appeared again and revealed that he was Daniel Carpenter and that both of them really need his help before it was too late.

Then he was caught once again trying to escape, so Roy got fed with up. So he decided to send him through the doors right away. Then the robed ghosts slowly brought him to bright light of the doorway. Jamie just happened to break in with Daniel and they made it to the room as was almost at the door. Jamie screamed to Roy to stop because he wasn't dead. At first he was relieved because the ghosts stopped moving. Then suddenly Roy didn't believe them and had him thrown in through the doors. Then suddenly a loud crashing sound, with a huge shaking tremor was heard from behind the doors. Roy was worried because that apparently never happened before.

Then suddenly with a powerful shaking little tremor, the doors to the afterlife swung open and he was thrown back out. They were all shocked to see him. Jamie was amazed and asked him if he really went to the other side and if he was okay. He said yes, and "they" rejected him and "they" said he wasn't dead yet. Then he madly looked at Roy and told him that "they" also wanted to have a word with you. Roy very worried, that now he would face his bosses wrath. Since he finally realized he actually did make a mistake, and tried to apologize. Then Roy simply had him peel the bracelet off his wrist and slap it onto Daniel's wrist. Then they could forget that the whole thing ever happened.

The doors opened and bright light shined at Daniel's face, as he was ready to embrace it. Before he went, he asked him if he was afraid that it would be horrible. Roy nicely told them that it will only be horrible if you lead a bad life. If you lead a good life, then it's the best thing going.

Soon he decided that he had enough of his obsession. So he decided to let loose and enjoy life and be happy again. So he stopped dressing in all black. Then he even went out to play baseball with Jamie. Then, on his way out he opened the jar and lets the insect out.


  • Zachary Carlin also appeared in an episode of the Goosebumps television series: "Calling All Creeps!", as Ricky Beamer.

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