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This is a neutral character.

Christina Carr is a character created by Eric. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dark Music".


Christina's parents had recently gotten divorced. So she lived with her mom and her older brother Andy. She was a brat and she was spoiled, and she often enjoyed teasing and scaring her brother. She also tried now and again to get him in trouble. She and her family were poor. Until one day things got much better when her mom inherited an old big house from a rich uncle named Niles. Just the very day her family moved into the neighborhood, her older brother instantly became the target of the neighborhood bully Koda. Koda was resentful that her family was related to Niles. Since he was the creepy neighborhood hermit.

Her mother couldn't even remember Great Uncle Niles. She had not seen him since she was a little girl. Then when her mom asked her brother to get a ladder from the basement, she taunted him asking if he was afraid of the dark.

Then one afternoon she was playing in the basement as her brother sneaked in, getting away from Koda. She snuck up on him from behind and shouted: "BOO!" and scared him. Her brother warned her not to come into the basement anymore. She just thought he was afraid of the dark and the basement. So she sarcastically asked him that the boogie man would get her.

It turned out that behind a crude wooden door to the cellar, was the basement cellar demon. The demon was motivated by music. The longer the music was played, the greater the chances that the door would open. When the door would open, it would cast illusions and place its victims into a trance to come over to it. When the music was loud enough, it would come out and eat its victims! Therefore her brother was trying to protect her.

Soon her brother got fed up with Koda picking on him. Therefore her brother lured Koda into the basement which was full of devices all playing very loud music. This allowed the demon to eat Koda! and give her brother a new bicycle in exchange. It turned out that many years ago her great Uncle Niles made a pact with the basement cellar demon: As long as new victims were feed to it, the demon would give that person anything they wanted in return. Now her brother had just made this pact too!

When she got home later that night she bossily told him she was home and that if he didn't make a her a good dinner their mom would punish him. Thankfully her brother never ended up feeding her to the monster. He only told her about it, to scare her and to make sure she never bothered him again.


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