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This good character is a heroine.

Cindy is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Mystical Mirror".


Cindy was sort of a plain looking and average teenage girl. Her friend Laurel worked in Ms. Valenti's Boutique and Beauty Store. Laurel was trying to help her get a job there. After a girl named: Tannis apparently had quit and ran away from home.

Therefore Laurel was trying to help Cindy get Tannis' old job. When Cindy was brought to the boutique, first Laurel wanted to give a little touch up with a bit of blush. She told Laurel not to much or she would look like Zeebo the Clown.

Next she met Vicki at the receptionist desk. Vicki who rude and cold to her referring to her as dull. Ms. Valenti met with her soon and saw some beauty potential in her. So Ms. Valenti gave her the job as well as a detailed beauty make over. In which she looked really good.

She also gave Cindy a folding compact mirror to do her makeup on the go. Also, soon she tiptoed in and spied on Ms. Valenti in her private room. There she could see her conjuring a magical illusion in her mirror. This frightened her and arose some immediate suspicions about her.

That evening, when she and Laurel left the Boutique. It turned out that Laurel forgot to get her watch back from Vicki. They decided to check if she was still at the boutique. When she and Laurel got there Laurel was soon sitting down looking through and getting all excited over pretty new clothes. Meanwhile she strangely noticed that Laurel's watch was on a table nearby and looked as if to say huh?

She went to the bathroom and on her way upstairs she saw on the walls many paintings and portraits of blonde women looking very similar to Ms. Valenti. When she got to the bathroom she was very shocked to see that it had no mirror.

Therefore, she took out the compact mirror to see her reflection. When she did, she noticed the black and white picture of the hooded woman who resembles Ms. Valenti has aged terribly. However she could only see this when looking at its reflection in a mirror. Then she suspected that all of the pictures and paintings on the wall, were all of Ms. Valenti. They went back in times as far as the 1920 and even longer ago. When she looked at the reflection of each picture in the mirror the true age was revealed. Then when she saw Ms. Valenti talking to Laurel, Ms. Valenti's true age was revealed in the mirror. In the reflection of her mirror, Ms. Valenti looked elderly.

This scared her enough to leave. She tried to take Laurel with her. However it now seemed that Laurel was in a trance. Laurel just wanted to stay and look at the mirror. She came back after a few minutes worried about Laurel. She watched from the window as Laurel drank a potion. Worried she ran in and grabbed Laurel and made a run for it.

She was terrified and ran away scared with her friend. When Suddenly Laurel turned into a dog. Then Ms. Valenti captured her.

Soon she walked in on Ms. Valenti, conducting a dark magic ritual. One in which she had turned three beauties in helpless and defenseless dogs. Ms. Valenti was about to sacrifice them. Ms. Valenti was doing this in order to steal their youth and beauty. Which would enable Ms. Valenti to continue staying young and beautiful forever. She interrupted the ritual and grabbed the mystical mirror. She threatened to smash it if they were not all freed and changed back to normal.

Ms. Valenti attempted to place her under her power. Ms. Valenti convinced her to look at the mirror. Ms. Valenti kept on tempting her by telling her: "Come on there must be something you want, tell me what do you really want?". She pretended to look at the mirror. She distracted her by saying: "I want. what I want". Finally she got mad at her dropping the façade. She madly told her: "Is my friend back! So she smashed the mystical mirror. It would seem that her emotions were too strong. Therefore she was able resist the mystical mirror's power. Since she didn't seek anything out of greed. She only wanted her friend back: A selfless act.

When she smashed the mystical mirror into the fire it immediately defeated Ms. Valenti. Then Laurel and Vicki and Tannis were all changed back. So she immediately unlocked them from their cages.

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