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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Claire Dickens is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Whispering Walls".


Claire is Andrew's older sister. On February 29th on leap year, she and her brother's babysitter Louise Lam took she and her brother on a fun outing to the Playland Amusement Park. She and her brother had a wonderful time, but her brother kept getting on her nerves.

On the way home, Louise promised she and her brother that if they behaved, Louise would take them over to her friend Molly's house. Louise's friend Molly would regularly make she and her brother banana splits. When Louise mentioned this would be happening, she and her brother immediately begun to behave and obey their babysitter.

Then suddenly, Louise got lost and couldn't find the right direction. This lead to Louise driving to an old house called "The Whisper Inn". Suddenly Louise could not get her car to start. So they all went inside to asks someone for directions. The man inside was Master Raymond. He wasn't very helpful. He just seemed to lead them in circles back to the Whisper Inn. Then Louise told her and Andrew to wait in the car, while she went inside to use the telephone to call for help.

She did not realize until later, that the Whisper Inn was really an evil spiritual house. One that was owned and operated by Master Raymond. Also the house was kept alive by abducting living souls, and binding them to living inside the walls. This can only happen every four years on a February 29th, and if there will be a full moon. Also during the February 29th daytime, the spirts binded to the inn can freely move around in the Inn, but cannot leave.

Soon she and her brother got worried, for Louise taking so long. So she and Andrew finally went inside to look for her. First they saw a room full of strange people. An elegant old woman named Violet, an old brush salesman, a loving couple who enjoyed dancing and a silly man. They were not much help, they only mentioned how happy they were to be living. Since it was February 29 and a full moon was going to happen. Then when she and Andrew turned around to speak them a second time; they were all gone.

Then she and her brother went upstairs and found a room with a table full of yummy looking banana splits. At first she and her brother thought that Louise had thrown them a surprise party. Unfortunately, the banana splits were laced with acid, and luckily the children found this out before eating them.

Then she and her brother found what appeared to be her, she was inside a nursery cuddling a baby. Thinking it was really her, she and her brother trusted her and came closer. Louise tried to get she and her brother to hold the baby themselves. But seeing a ruby ring on Louise's hand, they suddenly knew it was Master Raymond in disguise. It turned out that Master Raymond captured Louise and binded her soul to live in the walls. Knowing that the children would obey their babysitter, Master Raymond transformed in Louise waited for them to find her, so he could deceive them. Thankfully she and her brother backed away in time when a venomous snake was thrown at them!

Then she and her brother decided to set their differences aside and work together to find and rescue Louise. She discovered where a false wall was, and instructed her brother to come in the same way.

She and her brother then found Louise, sleeping on a chair. Master Raymond appeared next to Louise saying that soon the moon would be full and her soul would be his forever. Then Andrew smashed a nearby window and blew Master Raymond away with wind that came gusting in.

Almost making it to the front door, Master Raymond stopped them in their tracks. Then she and the others were in the process of being placed into a trance. Then suddenly, the spirit Violet appeared. She felt compassionate because she and her brother were so young, and that she and her brother reminded her of her daughter Jane, whom she missed very much. So Violet opened the front door and Master Raymond temporarily vanished from a gust of wind.

Then Louise quickly took them all back to her car, and it finally started up. Then they drove away and never came back.

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