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Claudia is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Jagged Sign".


Claudia is a brave, strong and athletic girl. She enjoys hiking and trailing through the woods. During the summer her botanist parents had to go to South America for work. Therefore she had to spend her summer with her Aunt Yvonne. Her aunt worked at a retirement home called "Scenic Vista" in the middle of nowhere. Which wasn't exactly going to be very much fun. There was nothing much for her to do. Other than play card games, bingo, and do gardening with all of the old folks.

Just after she was shown to her room, she could hear the sound of a music box. So she went to see where it was coming from. Suddenly an elderly woman caressed and stroked her hair. The elderly woman told her that she had such pretty hair. She backed away a little startled. The elderly woman told her that she once had hair just like hers (as if to say she was seeing a little bit of herself in her). She apologized to her for coming into her room. Just as her Aunt Yvonne came in and introduced the elderly woman to be Marjorie. On their way out she noticed that Marjorie kept on pacing back and forth while playing her music box. So her aunt explained that Marjorie just gets confused once in a while.

Then she saw an older male tenant named Duncan heading on upstairs. He was complaining to another elderly tenant, that eating Brussels sprouts made him gassy. Desperate she asked her Aunt if there was anyone her own age living nearby. Then her Aunt told her that there was a girl named Kate who lived next door. And she told her that she was coming. She was happy to hear this, so she hugged her aunt and thanked her.

When she exited the front door a younger girl showed up asking her if she wanted to play baseball. She reacted with disappointment telling her that she hoped she was not Kate. Luckily an older girl showed up and revealed herself to be Kate and the younger girl was Nikki. Also that her aunt said she was coming, and she was pleased to meet her.

Then she asked her if there was any good hiking trails. Kate enjoyed hiking too, so she gladly showed her. While hiking through the woods, she was used to climbing up higher mountains. So she lead them up a higher and steeper one. Kate almost lost her balance and fell. But She was eager to kept on climbing up higher.

When she stopped, she could see that a little higher up on the mountain was a rock with a Jagged Sign symbol on it. Curious, she asked her what the symbol meant. Kate told her that people have said that the place on the mountain that they're standing on is an ancient burial ground. Years before, someone was murdered there. Then the sign just appeared the next day.

Kate told her that everyone called it the Jagged Sign: The mark of the dead man. If you stare at it for too long, you'll awaken the ghost. Then it will possess you. Then lure you up and let you fall to your doom. She decided to go up the top and check it out. Since she didn't believe in ghosts.

Then suddenly, a young man appeared at the top. She pointed him out and asked her how he got up there so fast. Kate was now terrified, and warned her not to look at him. Since he was the ghost. Afterwards they ran back down the to the trail, and she asked Kate why she was so scared. Kate revealed that was terrified because she did believe in ghosts. She laughed it off thinking it was just some local high school guy. Then suddenly in the mud, The Jagged Sign began to draw itself. Now both She and Kate were freaked out. Then suddenly the young man appeared again. Then he hand signaled for her to come over to him. Then she and Kate both ran home terrified.

Back at the retirement home, she could see Kate was still scared. Since the young man just appeared from nowhere. She told her to relax, and that they could have just asked him where he came from and what he wanted. Since she still didn't believe in ghosts. Suddenly she was startled by a tap on her shoulder. It was only her Aunt Yvonne who apologized for scaring her. So she asked her aunt if she knew anything about The Jagged Sign in the woods. Her Aunt was annoyed that Kate took her up to that high cliff. Her aunt sternly told her that she didn't want them going up there. Not because she believed in ghosts. But because the steep cliff was very dangerous.

Then suddenly she, Aunt Yvonne and Kate could see that Marjorie's memory was getting worse. Since Marjorie tried heating up some soup in a plastic bowl on the hot plate. Afterwards her aunt told her that she would be going to a nursing home soon. Where she could be properly treated and watched at all times.

That night when she was sleeping, she woke up when she heard a whistling sound. So she got up looked out the window. There she saw the young man standing outside. He was waving with his hand telling her to come over to him. Then the young man illuminated with light and disappeared. Then the glass on her window began to frost up. Then the Jagged Sign symbol drew itself on it.

When Kate came over the next day. She informed her about what happened the past night. Then she told Kate that she planned to go back to the cliff to confront the young man, and ask him what he wanted. Then she asked her to join her, but Kate didn't want to go because she was more afraid of how dangerous the cliff was.

Then her Aunt Yvonne spoke to the both of them. She and Kate were told that Marjorie's nephew had agreed to have her put into a nursing home. Then she and Kate were asked to help organize through Marjorie's belongings that she has decided to donate. Bringing down a box of her items she found Marjorie's music box in it. So she took it over to Marjorie and asked her if she really meant to give it away. Marjorie was just thrilled to see it again and have it back. Then there was a sound from outside, and the ghost of the young man appeared. The young man once again waved to ask her to come over to him. Marjorie was shocked and upset to see him for some reason.

So she finally decided to confront him. So she quickly ran after him. In the process, she accidentally tripped Duncan on the stairs on her way down. When she got outside the young man was gone. She looked around and ran over to the cliff to find him. Over at the cliff she almost made it to the top. Then she slipped and almost fell. So she grabbed onto a branch, while holding on for her dear life.

Luckily Kate came along, and she could hear her screaming. So Kate overcame her fear and climbed up to the top of the cliff and helped her up. Then after pulling her up, The ghost of the young man appeared. So she finally asked him who he was and what he wanted. He finally spoke and addressed her as Marjorie. He told her that he had been waiting such a long time, and asked her why she took so long to come. Also whether or not she loved him. She was utterly confused and didn't know what was going on.

Kate explains that he was Joshua: the ghost of Marjorie's boyfriend from her youth. Many years ago, he and Marjorie tried to sneak off and get married years ago. When she didn't show up, he attempted to draw the symbol of their love on top of the cliff. He wanted everyone to see how much he loved her. However, since the cliff was steep, he fell down and died before he could finish.

Then Kate revealed to him that she wasn't Marjorie, Marjorie couldn't come because her parents stopped her (since they were so young at the time). Kate then showed Joshua the music box. Kate told him that Marjorie kept it for all these years as a sign of her love for him. Just like the sign he never finished. Joshua was touched and smiled and asked Kate if she still loved him. Kate told him yes and that he should go to her. Joshua's body illuminated with light. Then he vanished. Suddenly the jagged sign completed itself to what appeared to be a dove. Both she and Kate were amazed and shocked to see this. Kate explains that since he reunited with her, he finally finished what he started a long time ago. Then Joshua appeared with the ghost of Marjorie's youthful self. Being reunited at long last. Then they both turned around to wave goodbye to them.

Afterwards, she and Kate saw Joshua and Marjorie illuminate with a flash of light and disappeared to the afterlife. Then Marjorie's old statue transformed into a pair of real doves. She and Kate were just shocked with amazement. Then she watched Kate gently toss them up into the air and they flew away. Since doves are a symbol of peace, it can be assumed that this happened as a sign to show them that both that Joshua and Marjorie were finally at peace now.

Later that afternoon Marjorie passed away, everyone mentioned how peaceful and happy she looked at the time. The grown ups all thought it was because she was going to a better place, but only she and Kate knew just how true that was.

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