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This good character is a heroine.

Clorice is a character created by Stig. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float".


Clorice is strong and athletic swimmer for her school swim team. Although she isn't the best at school work, she an ambitious and determined person when it comes to sports and athletics.

One day in science class, the school's smartest loser Zeke Matthews had just made a mess. His experimental volcano had exploded. Now there was foul smelling smoke and slime everywhere. So the teacher Mr. Brooks went to get the school Custodian Charlie Dempster. As class was ending her friend Greta who had a crush on Zeke said that he was cute like a little puppy. Although she sort of did too, she also thought that he was an annoying geek. She told Greta: "Yeah like a puppy you need to clean up after". As if to say: "He's a pain in the neck".

Greta persuaded her to go over to him, and ask him what went wrong with volcano experiment. He told them that if you mix Manganite with water the reaction is always same: you get lava surprise. As in a really big exploding mess. He just made a mistake, and put in too much at one time. Then she coldly left him and took off with Greta back to their seats. Mr. Brooks came back and dismissed the class. Then the custodian came in to clean the mess Zeke made. As the class was being dismissed. Zeke waited for her. Then he told her that since she was on the swim team, he had a surprise for her. Feeling intrigued, she agreed to let him show her the next morning.

The next morning, Zeke lead her to the Boys' Change room. Feeling a little annoyed about where they were, she just wanted to leave. Then Zeke opened a panel at the corner of the lockers on the opposite wall. He explained to her that a week ago he calculated the entire mass of the school. Then he found out that there were more rooms in the school then there appeared to be. Then Zeke pulled the wall of lockers away from the wall. Then a hidden door was revealed. The inscription on the door said: "To Pool". She was just amazed.

She told him that she never knew it was there. Zeke told her that he read that, the pool was used shortly in the 1950s. Then it was closed off for some reason, and he doesn't know why it was closed. She immediately decided to try and get the school to open it up again. Because there was no point for her team having to take a one hour bus ride to another town, if there was a pool right in the school. She thanked him for the really cool thing he did. Then he asked her maybe if they could go out sometime. But she told him not to push it.

She wasn't kidding, she spoke to everyone at school. Then in a few weeks time the pool was good as new and reopened. One afternoon, she and Greta were practicing. They stopped at the end of the pool to catch their breath. There they reflected on how great it was, that she got the school to reopen the pool. As she and Greta were talking, at the bottom of the pool something unseen was show to be quickly closing in on them. As whatever it was got closer, it let off a terrible smell. She just thought that it might have just been from the pipes still being dirty. Luckily she and Greta got out of the swimming pool. Right before whatever it was could grab them.

Then later in Mr. Brooks' science class, she was pretty down in the dumps. Since she just got a C- on her exam. Zeke asked her what the problem was. She said that if she didn't get her science grades up, she would be kicked off the swim team. Therefore he decided to tutor her. And in return she would teach him how to swim. She met him later at the pool. But Zeke was afraid to even go into the water. So she went through it slowly with him. While floating in an inflatable raft, she asked him slowly to first try putting his hand into the water. Zeke was too nervous to even do this. He explained to her that he had a traumatic experience as a kid. When he almost drowned. So he believed that something was still in the water waiting to get him.

Then she stripped down to her swimsuit, and jumped into the pool. She did this to show him that a pool is safe. Then she encouraged him to put his hand into the water and he does. Suddenly she panicked as something started to pull her under the water. She swam back up gasping for air and coughing. Then on the other side of the raft, Greta popped up from the water and yelled BOO! It turned out that Greta had pulled under the water as joke. She madly told her that it wasn't funny.

As Greta exited the pool, she said to her: "I though you didn't like puppies?". This was as if to say that she was jealous. Since she liked Zeke first, but she took her chance before she could. She tells her that he was just helping her with science. She didn't believe her, and said: "Yeah right" and left. Zeke wanted to know what she meant by puppies. She told him to never mind. Once again she told him that there was nothing was down there. Just as she said this, the presence of something at the bottom of pool closed in on their raft. Then as Zeke put his hand into the water, a horrible smell filled the Pool House. According to Zeke; it smelled like acid.

Then suddenly Zeke got pulled by the hand. Then he fell head first into the water. She panicked and screamed his name over and over again. Zeke swan back up and she grabbed him by the hand and helped him back into the raft. Now she and Zeke knew for sure that something was done there and it was no joke! The suddenly, something began shaking the raft. Then both she and Zeke were dunked into the pool. Something immediately began drowning both she and Zeke. Until school custodian Charlie Dempster hurried over. He handed them a long net and they grabbed onto it. Then Charlie pulled them both out.

Over in the locker room, Charlie told she and Zeke the history of the school pool: When the school's pool first opened Charlie was the lifeguard. One day during his watch, his girlfriend Cindy's little brother Joe drowned. But it was not an accident. Charlie said that he tried to save the boy, but the creature wouldn't let him. It pulled him away. Then it drowned him and he was gone. Charlie then said that nobody believed him. Until three more people drowned. Then finally, they shut down the swimming pool. Soon afterwards, it was all forgotten.. until now.

She asked Charlie what it is. Charlie said that in order to build the pool, they first had to remove an old cemetery, and move all of the bodies. So he figures that they forgot one of the bodies. Therefore the spirit is angry. So it wants revenge on anyone who dares to disturb its eternal sleep. Now she thinks that the same thing is going to happen all over again. And no one will believe them. Until someone is hurt. Zeke then came up with a plan to defeat the creature. Zeke explained that since it was invisible, no one is ever going to believe them. But if they can see it, then maybe they can stop it. Since it's part acid, Zeke planned to douse it with Methyl Orange. Because when methyl orange reacts to something acidic; it will turn it red.

Zeke then poured some Methyl Orange into the pool. The red ooze slowly began to take shape. Suddenly emerging from the water, was a hideous and terrifying red zombie corpse. The corpse of a slowly decomposing skeleton. She screamed, and Charlie seeing it for the first time after all this years began to go into shook. The corpse came towards them. So she quickly carried Charlie away to the change room and treated him, as he was is lying down in shook. Zeke came by and explained that since The Corpse was now visible, it couldn't hide anymore. Also since it was made of water, it could travel through pipes and drains. Then it instantly appeared in the change room. It came in right through the drain on the floor. They run off screaming.

Finally she came up with an idea. Since The Corpse was water based, she would douse it with Manganite. Then it would explode. Zeke applauded her for remembering his experimental volcano, saying that she was brilliant. Just as she was about to open the container, Zeke slapped away. Then it accidentally fell into the pool and sank to the bottom. Zeke did this because her hands were wet. So if she opened it, the chemical would have burned her hands.

Then she decided to risk her life and swim in after it. So she swam to the bottom of the pool to retrieve it. The Corpse immediately slimed back into the pool and began to move towards her. Zeke screamed her name to her, to warn her to get out. She saw it moving in on her, but she froze in fear and shock and couldn't move. Then Zeke bravely jumped in to save her, and when he did she snapped out of it. The Corpse was now after him.

Just as she got out, Charlie regained consciousness, came by and pulled Zeke out just in time. Then she put on the gloves and got the Manganite ready. Then she called out to The Corpse. She taunted it saying: Yo Red, Catch! Then she doused it with the Manganite. Instantly The Corpse loudly and violently screamed and moaned as it bubbled, oozed, sizzled, smoked, steamed and evaporated away into nothing. Zeke applauded her for defeating it. Then they smiled in their victory as Charlie looked on in relief. Because finally after all these years, the nightmare was finally over. Then Charlie gratefully thanked she and Zeke.

Soon she came around. So she and Zeke end up together. They were seen cuddling together lying down on the raft in the pool. She figured it that was okay to be science geek after all. Also she showed Zeke that there were a lot more fun things to do besides study all the time such as spending time with a girlfriend. Although Zeke still didn't care much for the water.

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