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Coach Harry Cramp is a minor character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake the Snake".


He is the coach of a high school hockey team. He cares for the safety and well being of his players. During the events of the story, he was hosting tryouts for new players to join the high school hockey team. One of his existing players Duchamp was tearing it up, slamming people around. Two other boys who were best friends named Wiley Halpin and Zach were trying out for the team. Zach was playing with ease, but Wiley was doing poorly. After Duchamp tackled Wiley, Wiley fell and got a bleeding nose. So he sent him to get ice for it. Then he switched him with another boy who came to try out.

The next day, Wiley completely turned things around. He played amazingly and did even better than Zach did. When it came time to make the cut, he chose Wiley to join the team and not Zach. What he didn't know was that a sinister voice had convinced Wiley to go and retrieve an old hockey stick. This stick was a magical stick that once belonged to famous player named Jake "The Snake" Desmond. The stick actually had a curse and was slowly turning Wiley into a real snake. After every time Wiley scored a goal with it. Jake Desmond had arranged this to be done to whoever used this hockey to collects souls.

Luckily Wiley defeated Jake with a slapshot to the head. Then Zach destroyed the hockey stick in time. So Wiley changed back to normal and no longer had the advantage. Afterwards it was unknown whether or not he kept Wiley on the team.

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