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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Cody is a character created by Gary. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unfinished Painting".


Cody was a young and inspiring artist, going through a patch of artist block with loss for inspiration. Her caring and supportive brother Lucas told her that she was the most talented person he knew and not to give up.

Soon a little girl walked up to her and said hello. She offered to draw her portrait. But when she turned around again; the little girl was gone. She saw that the girl dropped her hat. So she followed her all the way to a building called "The Hunter Gallery". When she entered the building, she saw that the walls were full of beautiful paintings all signed by a Mrs. Briar.

She was amazed by all the beautiful paintings. Then she met an older woman, who introduced herself to be Mrs. Briar. She nicely complimented her on the painting. She told tells her that they were amazing, and wishes that she had talent like hers.

Mrs. Briar lead her to another room. On the way, she noticed another young girl around her age named Jenna who was working on a unfinished painting. The next room was filled with many unfinished paintings. Mrs. Briar says the unfinished paintings weren't hers. But they came from many sources.

Soon she came across an unfinished ballet dance painting. Then she closed her eyes and imagined the scene in her head. Then she actually pictured herself at the ballet dance. There she was gracefully dancing with a male partner having a wonderful time. Mrs. Briar soon woke her up from her dream. She told Mrs. Briar that she really liked the unfinished painting, and she thought that it was so sad it never got finished. Mrs. Briar offers to let her finish the painting, as a way to get over her artist block. She was thrilled at the offer saying that she would love to. Then she agreed to begin finishing it the next day.

The next morning, and Mrs. Briar gave her the only brush she want her to use. Mrs. Briar told her that inspiration comes from the artist and not from tools. So she got busy finishing the painting. A little later, she went over to the cabinet to find another paintbrush. When she opened it, she was a bit startled to see a shrunken head. Then she just shook it off, and laughed thinking nothing of it. When sorting through the brushes, she touched one. Then she saw a vision of a teenage girl screaming. When she let go of the paintbrush; the vision stopped. She got nervous and scared. So she closed the cabinet up.

Sometime later, a blurry forest was seen. There she saw a pretty blonde teenage girl. She called out to her, and the girl turned around and faced her. She recognized her from her vision from before. The girl warned her not to finish the painting. Also, to destroy it before it was too late! Then she woke up from her dream. Then her brother Lucas came by. Now she was nervous, saying that she should stop finishing the painting. Because it was someone else's work. So it just feels wrong. Lucas suggested that since she had trouble coming up with ideas lately, that perhaps she should continue it.

Later when she returned to the gallery, she saw the painting that Jenna was working on hanging up on the wall. However, the painting looked a lot different now. The girl in the middle now resembled a girl who looked like Jenna. Also, Mrs. Briar's signature was on it. This freaked her out. So she asks Mrs. Briar about it. Mrs. Briar tells her that it was a different painting. And that Jenna won't be coming back, claiming she phoned her to tell her so.

Soon she finally finished the painting. Nearby, she found the bag that Jenna forgot. Then she observed the new painting on the wall. She really took into consideration, about how one of the girls looked just like Jenna. On the opposite side of the room, she found a painting of a garden forest. It had a blonde teenage girl in it. She realized that the painting was just like her vision. The very warnings, she had recently been given in her dreams.

She hurried over to cabinet and examined the brushes again. When she touched them all, she briefly got visions of various people screaming for help. Then in another room, she phones home and speaks to her brother. She asks him to come and get her because something really weird was happening. She explains that people at the art gallery were suddenly disappearing.

Then to ease suspicions, she told Mrs. Briar that she has finished the painting. When Mrs. Briar sees it she was most impressed. Then Mrs. Briar convinced her to sign it. She didn't want to. Since it was originally some else's work. Mrs. Briar tells her that she created the soul to the painting. So she should be proud and sign it. So she signed it. Then began to feel dizzy, as Mrs. Briar cackled away. Then she vanished into the painting. The painting was now altered. One of the girls now looked very much like her. Also, Mrs. Briar's signature was now on it.

It turned out that the whole gallery was a trap set up by Mrs. Briar who was actually a soul hunter, serving her master: The Shrunken Head. The idea was to lure artists to complete unfinished paintings. Once the artist finished the painting, the artist literally gave it life. Then once the artist signed it, they would get captured inside. Then Mrs. Briar and the Shrunken head would steal the victims soul and remain living eternally.

Now she was trapped inside the world of the ballet painting. She begun dancing non stop with a partner. Meanwhile Mrs. Briar suspected that she was onto her secret, and could have exposed her. So she took her painting away. Then threw it into a dumpster outside. Then Mrs. Briar torched it!

The world inside the painting began burning and smoking. So she begun to cough like crazy. Then she realized that she still had her paintbrush. It seemed that Mrs. Briar had forgotten to take it back from her. When she broke it in half, she was instantly freed from the painting, and brought back to reality.

Then she hurried over to the cabinet and collected all the paintbrushes, realizing what they were capable of. The Shrunken Head opened its eyes and spoke to her. Since she escaped, it could sense that she was strong. So The Shrunken head asked her to become a hunter for him. Then she can live forever. She ignored it, screamed and ran away.

She ran outside with all the brushes. She saw that her brother had just shown up. She told him that the brushes trap people into the paintings. So they need to destroy them right away. Suddenly, Mrs. Briar reappears and looks pure diabolically furious. Mrs. Briar demands the brushes back. Cody told her to forget it. Then she quickly throws all of the paintbrushes into the nearby dumpster. The same one that was still burning her painting.

In a little explosion, the vision of the shrunken head appeared in the fire. Then It burned away screaming. Since all of the paintbrushes were linked to it. Then Mrs. Briar's face appeared in the fire and quickly burns away too. She and her brother herd Mrs. Briar scream as she lost her life and powers, then disappeared forever. Jenna was instantly freed again. She asked who Mrs. Briar really was. She said that they'll never really know for sure.

Soon enough, her artist block vanished. Because she was able to draw inspiration from all the spirits she freed from their living nightmare.


  • Jewel Staite also portrayed Kelly.

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