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This good character is a heroine.

Connie Turner is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quicksilver".


When Connie met Aaron Johnston when he bumped into her in the hallway by accident, they smiled at each other and apologized. He sits next to Connie in Miss Berg's class.

Later at night, Aaron has dream about a girl who looked like Connie trying to get rid of the Demonic ghost that haunted her house, but she said "I was wrong I did it wrong". Aaron and his younger brother Doug find a yearbook behind the wall and it magically opens to a page where a picture of the girl in his dream is. Her face was similar to Connie's, but her name was Laura.

The next day at school, Connie tells Aaron that Laura was her twin sister. She explains that her sister claimed that their house was being haunted by an evil creature living in the walls. So one night she lit some candles and did so magic to try and capture the evil Demonic Ghost. However, something went wrong and The bedroom caught fire and she just couldn't say the rest, because she really loved her sister and talking about what happened was really upsetting.

After some convincing from Aaron, she came over to Aaron and Doug's house to help get rid of the Demonic Ghost. She and Aaron's followed all of Laura's steps and instructions but for some reason just couldn't get the wand to work. Until she and Aaron realize the wand needs silver, not steel.

With Aaron's silver necklace the wand worked and they trapped The Demonic Ghost in the amulet and they succeeded. Then Laura's ghost comes out of the wall and Connie apologizes to her for not believing her and her sister smiles and hands the amulet to her. She tells Laura she misses her and they blow each other a kiss and touch hands for the last time as she enters the wall and disappears and Connie knows that even if Laura is dead she will still be her twin sister and always be with her in her heart and her memories.

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