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The Court Jester is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass".


He is a resident of The Court of Wisdom, a court that exists in the cyberworld of the computer game "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge".

He doesn't always seem to be aware surroundings and what's going on. Also he jokes around about everything and doesn't take things seriously. Possibly he might be losing his sanity or has gone insane.

When his court sensed that two boys from the real world Jimmy Miller and Allan Price stole copy of the computer game. He was chosen to be their lawyer when they were lured and teleported to the cyberworld to stand on trial for stealing Wisdom.

During the trial, Jimmy Miller and Allan Price hated him. They thought he was nothing but a joking clown, and wanted a real lawyer like Allan's dad. Also he did a poor job defending them and made jokes about everything.

Also he did nothing to defend the boys or stand up for them, when it was announced by Judge Day that one of them was to be executed for stealing wisdom.

Near the end Jimmy threatened to smash the Wisdom Glass if they both weren't free to go. Jimmy sent it back to him rolling, he caught it before it could smash into a wall. Then he carelessly and absentmindedly dropped the Wisdom Glass on the floor and made it smash into many pieces. Whether or not he was punished for doing this is unknown.


  • Arthur Holden also portrayed Mr. Brooks in "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float", as well as Ichabod Crane.

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