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Crazy George is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant".


In the 1970's George was a farmhand for John Earlstead. Soon bit by bit George was starting to lose his sanity,  becoming more and more paranoid. This was because His boss controlled an evil being to do whatever he wanted known as The Silent Servant which was a a Scarecrow. George became more and more paranoid always worrying what it was going to do next and when it was going to come after him.

When John Earlstead passed away in 1974, The Dragon's Talisman went missing and the Silent Servant was stopped. However by this time George had already become insane and unstable and feared by the the other people living in the farms nearby he became known as Crazy George.

For the next twenty or so years Crazy George still lived alone upon Earlstead's farm, No one dared to go there because of the reputation of people claiming that John Earlstead was a sorcerer who had invisible servants working on his farm and because of him.

One day two kids named Jarred Conner and Anne Peterson stumbled upon his Hayloft. By chance the found the talisman not knowing what it was at the time being. He jumped out at them and began ranting and mumbling incoherently. Warning them about the talisman and to be warned of the Silent Servant. Also to be careful because it always listens to what the master says and he began laughing maniacally, possibly at what it could do them scaring them away.

Later on after Anne Peterson destroyed the talisman by breaking it in half on John Earlstead's grave, it seemed that the Silent Servant was defeated once and for all. That was until George quickly joined the two halves of the talisman back together. Then he laughed maniacally in victory because the power was finally going to be his at long last.

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