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The Creature of Darkness is a character created by Kiki. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quicksilver".


The Creature of Darkness is a demonic ghost and a being of pure evil. Sometime ago, before the events of the episode the small cemetery where he was buried was moved to another location. Then new houses were built over the location of the old cemetery. Then it can be assumed, that his coffin or urn was forgotten. Then a house was built right over the area in which he was buried. Then in the house, right in the spot where he was buried, one of the bedrooms was built.

Then he begun to seek revenge for all those who would disturb his eternal sleep. So he begun to haunt the house lurking inside the walls of the bedroom. He chose certain victims, usually he preyed on a certain ones. Then he would inflict severe pain and suffering. Usually he will cause the victim to develop a severe and untreatable cold and flu (possibly for a means of trying to make the family leave the house).

Also he can make itself appear from out of the walls, when it wants to (usually at night) as a means to scare his victims out of it skin. Also he has some poltergeist qualities as he can cause noises and disturbs, make things fall over and spill. Then finally, when its victims are weak enough, it will come after it take it away or wait until it dies from the illness.

About a year ago before the events of the episode, the Turner family moved into the house. The teenage twin sisters Connie and Laura shared the bedroom that he was haunting. He then set his sights on Laura. She soon developed the worse cold and fever and no doctors could cure her. Laura did some research on the house and found out the origins. But nobody not even her sister believed that it was haunted.

Then one night Laura tried to perform a magical ritual, with lit candles and burning incense. He was obligated to immediately appeared when she summoned him. But she couldn't get the magical oak wand to work. He wouldn't stand still and he refused to enter the amulet. Instead he lurked slowly towards her and claimed her soul, also the room accidentally caught fire and burnt down. Then soon, Laura's ghost came back to protect any new residents of the bedroom.

Laura became The Quicksilver, his most hated enemy. Then 2 years later, the Johnston family moved into the house. Then the brothers Aaron and Doug moved into the old bedroom. He then set his sights on Doug causing him a severe cold and flu. Also Laura begun to try protect Doug to by refilling his water. But he kept trying to shake the furniture and spill all the water.

Then after receiving warning dreams from Laura, Aaron convinced Laura's twin sister Connie to help him to stop this creature once and for all. That evening, following the book carefully, they re did Laura's magical ritual. Everything went well until he reappeared before them. Then once again the oak wand wouldn't work and he didn't stand still. He closed in on Doug and made him vanish.

Then suddenly, Aaron realized the oak wand was made incorrectly. Instead of being tied with a silver spoon for a tip, it was tied with a steel spoon. Aaron quickly equipped it with his silver necklace. Then sure enough it finally worked. He was obligated to obey the magical commands and he then obediently entered the white amulet in which he has now been contained within.


  • This character is often mistaken to be the Quicksilver.
  • The Character was just credited as Zombie, in the ending credits.

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