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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

DJ Roy is a character created by Stig. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Station 109.1".


During his life, he worked for the government. His job was for the department of motor vehicles. How he died young is unknown, and since he is doing a job for the afterlife it can be assumed he is not a ghost but just a deceased person. Possibly a guardian angel, he is very, arrogant, rude, impatient and bad-tempered. He is a DJ for a radio station called 109.1 which is a station that helps the ghosts and souls of people who didn't crossover immediately at the time of their death to find the way "home" to the afterlife.

What his job is to secretly send radio messages to the ghosts and souls of recently deceased people and to lead them to Station 109.1. When the ghosts and souls arrive he places a numbered green bracelet onto their wrist and he supervises as robed ghosts lead the ghost or soul to opening doors to the afterlife. He is very smart and knowledgeable and seems to know if the deceased person had lived a good life or a bad life.

One night he sent a radio message, to the ghost of the elderly recently departed man Daniel Carpenter whom he figures didn't crossover immediately at the time of his death and slept too long in the hearse he was in. When he sent the message to come to the station in the hearse, a mistake was made. Daniel Carpenter wasn't in it at the time. A young death obsessed teenage boy named Chris Leary was.

Chris curious about his broadcasts came down to the station and he mistook him for Daniel Carpenter and slapped a numbered bracelet onto his wrist and was ready to sent him over to enter the doors to the afterlife. Chris begged and pleaded and tried over and over to convince him that he made a mistake and he wasn't Daniel Carpenter. Being so sure of himself he was certain he didn't make a mistake because he believed he never did.

Chris really irritated and annoyed him and almost got him fired from his job when Chris intercepted another radio broadcast to bring his brother Jamie to the station to rescue him. Finally he got so fed up with Chris he decided to sent him over right away. Jamie heard the message and was convinced to bring Daniel Carpenter to the station.

Jamie brought Daniel Carpenter over just as was about to send Chris in, he yelled out to him that Chris was his brother and wasn't dead. Then at first he believed him and stopped the ghosts, then changed his mind quickly and had Chris thrown inside. When this happened he was really worried because the doors made a loud shaking tremor sound, which apparently never happened before. Daniel Carpenter was mad and yelled to him that he was Daniel Carpenter and called him a fool. 

Then Chris was tossed back out and madly told him that "they" said he wasn't dead and wanted a word with him!  He now felt awful and was really worried, because he realized he did make a mistake and apologized. He then let Chris just peel the bracelet off his wrist and slap it onto Daniel and told them to forget the whole thing ever happened.

Then just as Daniel was beginning to walk into the door to the afterlife he nicely told Chris and Jamie that the afterlife is only horrible if you lead a bad life. If you lead a good life, it's the best thing going.

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