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This good character is a heroine.

Dani is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge".


Dani is Kirk's sister, and best friends with Gina. She, Kirk, and Gina are all big wintertime sports athletes, (specialties such as skiing and snowboarding). Before the events of the episode, one day her friend Gina got the urge to go snowboarding down a dangerous trail. She went with her for a little while. Then she got scared of the dangerous trail and went home, and Gina told her she would be back soon.

However, Gina never came back. She and Kirk and their friends and families all went searching for Gina but they never found her. Although it's not mentioned how long ago it happened, it can be assumed to be a couple of weeks ago.

Dani felt guilt-ridden and kept blaming herself for her best friends disappearance. She did this because she regretted not staying with her the entire time.

She never gave up hope that one day, her best friend would be found again. Her brother on the other hand gave up on Gina, because he felt after all the time that had passed she couldn't have possibly survived. Dani, kept traveling to different mountains and ski slopes to see if Gina was there but she never found her.

Then one day just as she and Kirk were heading home, she saw a person in a snowsuit that looked just like Gina. However when she looked again she was gone. Kirk thought she was hallucinating from her overwhelming feelings of guilt. Later on at home, while listening to music and relaxing, Gina appeared in her mirror calling out to her for help. She was shocked and blurted her name out very loudly but got no answers, then she vanished.

Her brother thought that she was losing it, hallucinating and hearing things. Their mom had a supportive talk with her and tried to convince her that Gina's disappearance wasn't her fault.

Later that night while watching old home movies, Suddenly in the video Gina spoke to her. Gina asked her for help and told her she was trapped on Bigfoot Ridge. The next afternoon, she mapped out the location and prepared to travel there on the jet ski to search for her. Kirk warned her not to go, because a fierce snowstorm was going to happen soon. Still she went to go and find her anyways.

She traveled to Bigfoot Ridge, and to her surprise Kirk also came by car, to drive her back home. They entered the cabin, to her and Kirk's shock it was filled full of darkness, dust and spiderwebs. Also filled full of human skeletons!

She and her brother saw what appeared to be Gina, however Gina stared at her and her brother with her eyes brightly glowing green. She and her brother felt very weakened and zapped of all energy. Then in a flash of lightning Gina vanished.

An old voice called out to her, it was an elderly woman in Gina's snowsuit. She revealed she was Gina and what they saw was a ghost called an Umbra. A ghost who lures victims to the cabin just like she was.

The Umbra picks a victim and looks just like them, and slowly drains off their life force by staring directly into the victims eyes and the victims eventually ages away to nothing and dies. The only thing that can defeat it, is full exposure to light. Also shinning light at it makes it go away or staying by places like fireplaces. She was warned to never stare into the Umbra's eyes, and to shine light at it to make it go away.

Dani suggested turning on the ceiling lights, but the switch didn't work. While her brother went outside to fix the power generator, they soon ran out of firewood and soon Gina almost aged away to nothing. Then the Umbra stared directly into her eyes while smirking. The Umbra made her it's newest victim, transforming into her twin clone and laughed diabolically in victory.

Then just in the nick of time, the generator got turned on and the ceiling lights came on. This obliterated The Umbra and she and Gina's youth were both fully restored. Then on their way home, Gina thankfully hugged her for never giving up on her.


Brooke Neven also starred in the Goosebumps television series episode "A Shocker in Shock Street" as Erin Wright, as well as being in Animorphs as Rachel.

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