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This a good character as well as a ghost!

Daniel Carpenter is a character created by Stig. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Station 109.1".


Daniel Carpenter lived a long life and passed away as the episode was taking place. How he died is unknown, but possibly just old age and natural causes. According to DJ Roy, the reason he didn't crossover over at the time of his death, must have been because he slept in the hearse for too long.

Station 109.1 played a radio broadcast in the hearse. This was to inform him that he can find a place to finally help him crossover to the afterlife. However, it turns out that he wasn't in the hearse at the time when the radio broadcast played. Instead, a young teenaged boy named Chris Leary was. Chris was mistaken for him and was sent into the afterlife in Daniel's place by DJ Roy.

Daniel eventually convinced Chris' brother, Jamie, to help him find the station. He was brought to the station just as Chris was being taken through the doors to the afterlife. When Chris was sent in, he snapped at DJ Roy, calling him a fool, confirming that he was Daniel Carpenter. When God sent Chris back everything was cleared up and sorted out. Then the bracelet that relieves the deceased from anything that is keeping him to the physical world, was placed onto his wrist.

Then the doors opened, and he was ready to embrace his fate. Before he went Chris asked him if he is afraid that it would be horrible. As Daniel slowly walked into the doorway, DJ Roy nicely said, "It's only horrible if you led a bad life. If you led a good life, it's the best thing going". As bright light shined through the doorway, it can be assumed that he lived his life as a good-hearted person.


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