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The Dark Dressed Figures appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Super Specs".


One day, a teenage girl named Marybeth visited Sardo's Magic Mansion. While she was there, her immature boyfriend Weeds was fooling around with magic. Then without him realizing it, he cast the spell of second which opened a portal to crossover into earth's dimension. Also the spell was cast onto a set of odd sunglasses called Super Specs. These were the only thing that can enable a normal human being to see the these invaders intruding on Earth's space. Marybeth was the first one to see them when wearing the super specs.

These intruders wore dark clad black leotard spandex suits that covered their entire bodies from head to toe, including their entire face. This was possibly to conceal their identities and fingerprints. Marybeth was terrified of them. She kept encountering their leader the Dark Lady, who kept pointing to her and nodding as if to say we're coming!

Marybeth asked Sardo for help, he explained to her that there have always different beings living on earth among humans. We never see them because they lives in alternate dimensions. Also the spell that was cast onto the super specs opened a window in her house that has allowed beings from a parallel universe to crossover and enter the real world. Some of the these living beings are good and some may be evil, and the evil ones may attempt to dangerously take over. Therefore the enchanted super specs are the only thing that can enable someone to see what is happening.

Sardo along with Marybeth and Weeds conducted a séance to reverse the spell and send the dark universe back. However, Sardo wasn't a very experienced Magician. Because soon the Dark Dressed Figures became powerful enough to be seen be everyone without wearing the super specs.

Then suddenly, their leader The Dark Lady appeared and in her true form which was a powerful phantom. She told Sardo and the teenagers that the they tampered with the cosmic seal, and two universes couldn't exist on the same plane. Also that balance had to be restored, so since she was a true magician she decided to close off their universe. Then Sardo, Marybeth and Weeds were trapped inside of a crystal ball (along with the rest of the universe). Therefore they supposedly took over the universe for some short period of time. Or until someone or something defeated them and undid the spell.


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