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David is a character created by Megan. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets".


David and his older brother Tommy live with their mom. Their mom is the landlord in their apartment building. He and his brother are fairly close. Although he sometimes plays pranks on his brother and really annoys him. One morning his mom informed he and his brother that new tenants were moving in upstairs. He and his brother were confused. Since she had decided to not rent it out for the time being, She reveals that she changed her mind, after the new tenants saw how big the kitchen was and they paid her double the price. He and his brother were asked to give the new tenants the keys when they arrived. Also he and his brother were annoyed for their babysitter Candy to be coming over to watch them. But their mom felt she could not trust them to be home alone without hurting each other.

Just when he was about to take off on his bike, he stopped to get his helmet. Then a car drove right in. It ran over his bike ruining it. Also it damaged the cars paint job. The car belongs to Chuck, Candy's psychotic bully boyfriend. Unlike Candy who was the opposite being very nice and sweet. After seeing what happened to his car, Chuck threatened him. He told him that he would burn him like toast, if he didn't pay for the damage to his car. When he took off, Candy felt bad and apologized to him.

Soon two strange men approached and introduced themselves as Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collins the apartments new tenants. He and his brother introduced themselves and gave them the keys. They remarked to he and his brother about how scrawny they were. Then they asked he and his brother to inform the people coming by to go upstairs to their apartment, if they were interested in applying for their housekeeping job. Then a delivery truck came by. The truck was full of large boxes of utensils, pots and pans, storage containers and mixing bowls. The Delivery Man, then commented that soon they would invite them over for dinner.

That afternoon he and his brother worked hard to repair his bike. He also considered selling it and to use the money to pay off Chuck. However, just after fixing his bike, it broke apart and collapsed after he tested it out. He then became worried that soon not only Chuck would pound him, but he also would not have a bike to ride away on. As they were outside the whole time, they noticed that many people applied for the housekeeping job but no one got it. Because the two strange men were very particular about who they wanted. So many people came that he and his brother soon just began to point to upstairs. Then a chubby and portly man appeared. Assuming he was here to apply for the job, they showed him the way.

After seeing that the portly man never came out yet, they ran inside to see if everything was all right. Watching from the top of the stairs, the two men really seemed to like him, saying that he was perfect for the job. To celebrate, they invited him for some of their own pineapple cider. After going inside they heard a loud scream.

The next day a chubby woman named Dotty stopped by. He and his brother told her that she was too late, and that a man got the housekeeping job the day before. She asked them if he was a large person, he says just like her. Hearing this she is ecstatic and says yummy and goes running inside. He and his brother spied on Dotty knocking on the Messrs' door. Excited to see her the two men invited her in for a cup of cider. He and his brother just waited at the bottom of the stairs to hear if she would scream too.

Suddenly their feet were grabbed. It was Chuck, he snapped at them, saying that he had found out that it would cost him $200 to fix his car. He threatened them to come up with the money by Friday or their toast. Then he stormed off.

After the chubby woman didn't come back out either, he now suspected that something fishy was going on. So began to spied on them with binoculars. Then he climbed onto the roof, and spied on them through a window. Then he was shocked to see that their tablecloth was the Portly Man's striped shirt and their napkins looked just like Dotty's dress. This really creeped him out. Mr. Collins caught him and asked him what he's doing. He fibbed saying that he was looking for his missing ball. Then Mr. Pimm invited him inside for dinner. Remembering the Portly Man who disappeared, and how Dotty was excited and said yummy he chose not to. So he told them he was not hungry and ran off.

That night he had a nightmare, he's inside the Messrs apartment. When he heard one of the messrs shouting to ask who was there, he hid inside the freezer. Inside the freezer, he saw the Portly man hung on a meat hook. On the other one was Dotty. She smiled a crazy smile. The she grabbed him and insanely laughed saying yummy! Then he woke up from his nightmare screaming his head off. At the same time, he found Chuck pinning him down on his bed. He told him that he now he had until the next day to pay him the money or they're toast! Then Chuck left.

The next day he explained to his brother that he figured out what's going on. He told them he believe that their new neighbors were cannibals! Who drug their victims with their pineapple cider.  Then he insisted that they go into their apartment and search for evidence to give to the police. Then get a reward and pay off Chuck. Tommy was reluctant to breaking in, but he had the key. So he told him that it was not breaking in if you use the key.

Then as he and Tommy were about to sneak into their apartment, they could see the Messrs leaving. They were talking about how they could carry a huge heavy item with them into the building, without them seeing it. They say that hey have become too suspicious of them, and might just have to have them over for dinner soon. He was repulsed to hear this.

Once inside their apartment, looked around. First they found the rainbow shirt tablecloth and the polka dot napkins. Next they found various suspicious cookbooks. Also a hollowed out book with jewelry in it (possibly stolen from victims). Next they found a big pot on the stove full of meatballs simmering. He and his brother were about to think that they were wrong and leave. Then they decide to check the freezer. Inside the freezer they find many suspicious items. Items such as Frank and beans, Steak Diane, Virginia Ham, Hamburger Patty and Head Cheese. Then they found the Portly Man's discarded striped shirt and they were both horrified. Seeing these frozen foods and the shirt was more than enough to convince them both that they really were cannibals!

Suddenly Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collins came in carrying a huge package together. TSo he and his brother hid in the freezer. Meanwhile, Candy had become worried about them. So she went looking for He and Tommy. Mr. Pimm and Mr. Collins cordially invited her in. Then they offer her a cup of cider. Just when, Candy was about to drink it, he and his brother came out screaming that they were cannibals and to run. After his brother threw pepper at them, he proceeded to throw a jar of ice cubes at them causing them to slip and fall. Then they ran off as fast as they can.

Soon the police were called, but they took the Messrs' side. Their mom felt humiliated, thinking he and his brother were being ridiculous. The Messrs came in as they both began asking their questions. Mr. Pimm explained that they had a huge stove, pots and pans, because they have really big appetites. Mr. Collins then explained that The Portly Man took one look at the huge stack of filthy pots and screamed and fainted. They just missed him, when he came to and left. Mr. Pimm then explained that it was their own jewelry that they hid, in case of a break in.

Then Dotty came in just as they asked what happened to her and why they made napkins from her clothing. She came in appearing to be perfectly alive and well. Also his mom revealed that the pineapple cider was delicious and she even bought a whole bottle. Then he and his brother both felt bad and apologized to them sincerely. They graciously accepted the apology. Then they generously gave the huge package they brought in to him. He opened it up and to everyone's surprise, it was a wonderful new bicycle. He was simply thrilled, and gratefully thanked them.

To celebrate their new friendship the Messrs invite he and his family over for dinner that night. It was a luau theme. In which special placemats were made. However they suspiciously looked just like the shirt that Chuck was just wearing. The meal was going to be "Chuck" Steak on toast! Hearing this, he and his brother were utterly shocked and scared. He and his brother now realized that they may have been right about them in the first place.

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