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This is a neutral character.

David Lee is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie". 


His family owns and the Emerald Garden restaurant. It is a Chinese restaurant that his parents run with the help of his Grandfather. Along with he and his younger sister Theresa. He and his sister are close. He is protective of her and he looks out for her. He is a talented artist, who dreams of going to art school to create his own comic book series.

One morning, he desperately asked his father if he could skip work on Saturday night. So he could go to his friend Sean's party. His father said no, because Saturday night was their busy night. So his help would be needed. Also during this time the restaurant was doing poorly facing rough times. So his parents placed an advertisement in the newspaper to hire another part-time cook. Therefore they soon would have more help.

He got mad, and complained that it wasn't fair that he never got a break. Also if not for him, the place would go under. Feeling annoyed, he says that he wished it would. So he wouldn't have to slave in it anymore. When his parents left the room, his Grandfather was shown watching him with concern.

Then the produce courier Eddy came in. Eddy was bad news. Eddy was a shady and dishonest thug. Eddy then got him to sign the received order. He informed Eddy, that one day his signature would become valuable. Since he planned to go to art school. Then he eventually have his own comic book series. Soon he would become rich and famous and not waste his life, like how the rest of his family were. Eddy laughed at his character R man and at his dreams. But he told him that he was serious and that he was leaving for art school, as soon he got his tuition.

Eddy had a crush on his sister. So Eddy asked his sister out. However she knew that he was not a suitable guy. Then with his guidance and protection, she rightfully rejected him. Afterwards his sister was pleased to inform him that, with his help and support, she got high honors on her report card. She proudly told him that he was her guardian angel. Then as a token of her appreciation, she gave him a small gold and silver angel.

That evening, Grandfather Lee had a gift for him. The gift was small wooden box with two Chinese warriors on it. It symbolized a struggle between good (white) and evil (black). It was locked, so he tried to open it. The he was told that it was not meant to be opened. Just meant to be admired for what it is; not what it might be. Then Grandfather Lee also told him to just try and appreciate what he has. Because, sometimes if you plan too far ahead, you might end up wondering whether or not you made the right choices.

That evening, he took wire cutters and cut open the lock on the box. Inside of it, it held six beautiful golden fortune cookies. Seeing this, he realized that they may worth a fortune. Then the next morning, he ran off to sell them. On his way out, he bumped into sister. She was furious to see that he opened the box when being told not to. Also she was amazed to see what is inside the box. She was furious to see that he was wasting no urge to sell them. She tried to remind him that the were a family heirloom and must be kept.

Feeling fed up with his unfair life, he said that he didn't care. He just wanted his tuition money. Then he could leave as soon as possible. They fought over the box. Then it fell and they all spilled out. When picking up the cookies, one broke open. The fortune read: "One should find perfect existence, through imperfect existence".

Then suddenly, when he returned to the front of the restaurant. To his amazement, a huge line of people were waiting to go inside. A Tall Doorman said that he can't let him in without a reservation. Feeling utterly confused he left. Then a Limo Chauffeur asked him if he wanted to go to another restaurant, or return to the mansion. Hearing this he was still confused. So he told the Chauffeur that he must have the wrong guy and ran off.

Then he sneaked inside through the kitchen. Then to his amazement, he could see that they now had a full successful cooking staff, lead by a master cook. He could also see that the restaurant had become a real success. Also his parents have now become rich snobs. Next he could see that his sister had drastically changed. She was now a rebellious punk. wearing a leather jacket and has dyed her hair purple. Her attitude was now very negative. She also referred to their parents as pigs. Then he watched her disrespect their father.

A real big shock was to see that she was now dating Eddy. He overheard her saying that, she knew how to get a lot of money fast. Then he confronted her, asking her about why she was dating and helping Eddy. She had no clue who he was. He told her that he was her brother. She said that she had no brother. Eddy told him to back off.

He was shocked by the sudden change of behavior and events. So he ran inside to speak to their parents. Then to ask Grandfather Lee, about the Fortune Cookies. His father was furious, he said that he didn't know him or what he wanted. Also that his father died a long time ago. Hearing this, he was mortified to hear that his Grandfather was dead. Then he got kicked out of the restaurant wherein his father threatened to report him to the authorities should he return and persist. He was still shocked, asking them if they really didn't know him. Then his mom upsettingly approached him. She told him she that did not, and that she never had a son and to go away.

When opening the door, a Chinese Warrior jumped out. The Warrior was dressed in black studded armor and wielded a long and razor sharp bisentō. The Warrior showed off his impressive fighting skills. Then he ran off scared from it. Then he bumped into the Chauffeur again. He informed him, that he had an autograph session in an hour. The session was for his comic book R Man. Which was now the best-selling graphic novel in history. When seeing his sister running by, he went after her. On the way, he ran into the Warrior again. The Warrior tried to block his way, but he evaded him and went up to Theresa's room.

In her room, she revealed that she was miserable. Apparently all their parents cared about was their successful restaurant. Also that they never spend time with her. So now she was now ready to run off with Eddy. Also that she's was going to sell the Fortune Cookies to get the money that they needed. She informed him that her grandfather gave them to her before he died, and she had no choice.

Now he realized that he had entered an alternate world. One where he was born, but he was never a member of the Lee family. Since he wasn't born into the family, the parents were short-handed. So they hired Mr. Chin as their cook. Which turned out to be a very wise choice. But the downside is that Theresa never had an older brother. Therefore Theresa never had any guidance or protection from one. So she never knew enough to stay away from the wrong type of guys. Also as a ripple effect: Grandfather Lee has died some time ago.

He told her that he needed the Fortune Cookies to set things right. She was confused, because since he was a rich comic book artist, he should be happy. He tried to convince her that Eddy was bad news. She just ignored him and grabbed the cookies and ran off. Then suddenly, The Warrior came back again and it approached him, he backed away. Then he yelled at it, demanding to know who it was, and why it was chasing him. After getting no answer, and ran away again. He caught up with Theresa, just as she and Eddy took off on his motorcycle.

The Warrior returned again, however this time he didn't run away. He finally faced his fears and confronted it. Then he asked it why it had been chasing him. The Warrior told him that he had been trying to protect him from going back to the life that he hated. The Warrior informed that he had what he wanted now.

  • No family to hold him back.
  • No responsibility.
  • More money than he could ever imagine.

Then the Chauffeur pulled up to him, and the Warrior told him to enjoy his new life. For a moment he considered getting inside the limousine. Then he changed his mind, after finding the angel in his pocket. The very one that his sister gave him the other day. 

Confronting the Warrior, he told it that he wanted his old job back. The Warrior reminded him that he hated his old job. Then he threw the bisentō away and pushed the Warrior. Then he told it, that he wanted his family back. The Warrior reminded him, that his family got in his way. Finally he told The Warrior he wants his life back. the Warrior asked him why. Since he now had everything he always wanted.

Finally standing up to the Warrior. He told it that if it meant giving up his family was the only way to get it, then he didn't want it. Suddenly the Warrior collapsed against the wall. Then in a dying tone, it told him that since he felt this way, then his good side had won. Then he slowly took off the Warrior's Kabuto. He was shocked to see that the Warrior was actually him as his bad side.

Suddenly the sky darkened, then the sun eclipsed again. When it passed, the Chauffeur and the Warrior were both gone. Then he returned to the restaurant and he was relieved to see that it was the same again. Also that his family members were all their normal selves again.

Then he nervously asked where his Grandfather was, and he was relieved to see him. Then he told him that he now believed that he found perfect existence, through imperfect existence. Hearing this, his Grandfather was proud of him. He told him that he has now learned the most valuable lesson (hinting the fact that he knew that this was just what he needed to experience).

Suddenly, Mr. Chin the Cook came inside, to apply for the part-time cook job. He remembered him from the alternate world. So he had a good vibe about him. Therefore he encouraged his parents to just hire him on the spot, promising them that they would not regret it.

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