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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Dayday Toll is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors".


Dayday enjoys being at home playing video games and watching scary movies. His older sister Emma often tries to encourage him to get outside more. Then late One night new neighbors: Two parents and a young boy, were moving into the house across the street. He and his older sister found it odd to see that they wore all black,

Then a few days later, he and his sister go over to the meet the new neighbors. There he and his sister saw a a delivery man pushing in a huge crates. The delivery man told he and his sister the family was the Braun family and they came from Ukraine. Apparently they brought their own refrigerators with them.

One day later, his sister tried to convince him that the Brauns were really vampires. Because: they wear only black clothing, the color of evil and darkness, they are never seen during the daytime, everyone in the neighborhood began getting that sickness outbreak after they moved in. Also they came from a part of Romania that is near Transylvania.

His sister planned to break into the Brauns's basement the following night and see if they really had their vampire coffins brought in, instead of refrigerators. So asked him to come with her, but he refused to go because he didn't believe her. Then she told him she would go herself, and if she didn't find them, then she would let him mock and tease her about it as much as he wanted. But if she did find coffins then they would be in big trouble.

Before she ventured out to do her investigation in the Brauns basement, she warned him not to let them in the house. Since a vampire cannot enter one's home unless they're invited. She also stapled several long cloves of garlic around the kitchen to repel vampires. He was repulsed by this and couldn't stand the smell.

After his sister went over to check the basement, he answered the door. Lo and behold it was the Braun family, they decided to come over and visit. At first he almost nervously and absentmindedly invites them in. Then he doesn't, telling them his dad is not home. Then he slams the door in their faces.

Then his mom realized they were at the door. So she politely invited them in to visit. The Brauns explains that since they've moved there Lex their young son hasn't been feeling well. Also for a living they have been working at the hospital studying the emergency health care system as paramedics, Mrs. Braun says it's very fascinating work but sometimes a little "bloody". He looked in shock and concern at the way she said bloody.

When the Brauns prapare to leave and go back home, he realizes that Emma is not back yet. So he tries to stall them by asking them to stay longer and to play some video games with Lex. But they say no because it's too late and give him a rain check. Also Mr. Braun makes it perfectly well known that they'll back again now that they have been "invited". After hearing this, he once again gave a nervous look of concern.

He quickly runs across the street and sneaks into the basement to tell his sister that the Brauns were now coming home. She directs him to look into a big bunker fridge with her. She explains to him that it was locked for some strange reason. After opening it they found many bottles of blood! Then he and his sister hear footsteps from upstairs, telling them they're home. So they escape from the basement and get back to their home.

Finding out that their mom has now invited them, his sister tell him that they can now come in whenever they want. So they might very well be their next victims. Then he and her sister sneak into the Brauns basement again. There his sister tries to crack open the lock on the wall were supposedly the coffins might be. Then she will stake the vampires in their hearts. Then it turns out that someone in the house was awake and was coming downstairs. It was Mr. Braun, he was coming downstairs to get something. he and his sister fearfully hid under a table and luckily were not seen.

Leaving the house early the next day, he and her sister saw Mr. and Mrs. Braun. They were shocked to see them awake and during sunny daytime. Mr. Braun explained to them that their schedules have changed. So now work in the daytime. And the reason they have blood in their house is to store extra units for the hospital. Mrs. Braun then asked him that since Lex still isn't feeling very good. She was wondering if he could come over and play video games with him that night to cheer him up. He gladly agrees and invites him over. After the Brauns leave, he gets annoyed and mad at his sister. So he starts scolding and mocking her for her mistaking them to be vampires.

Little did he and his sister know was that Mr. and Mrs. Braun are really day walkers whom are partially human and immune to sunlight. They have been doing blood bidding for their pure vampire son. Also, Lex has been invited over to his house tonight to play video games!


  • Noah Godfrey is best known for doing the voice of Victor, on the children's show Babar.

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