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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Dean Berkham is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice".


Dean had a lot of difficulty fitting in. He wasn't popular, he didn't play sports, and he didn't do so good in school. His only friend was a girl named Alix. Although she was the complete opposite of him, they were very close and had a wonderful friendship. Feeling down in the dumps about how awful his life seemed to be, Alix gave him her support. She encouraged him to not give up, because he never knew when his luck was going to change.

Then one day, during World Cultures class, a female archaeologist named Dr. Oliver visited his class. She showed his class a recently discovered ancient Babylonian long solid gold staff. It was shaped like a cobra near the top and it had red jeweled eyes. Dr. Oliver claimed that apparently it once belonged to an evil Babylonian sorcerer named Goth. Goth was sorcerer who enslaved many people to do his biding. The writing also says that following Goth would bring one good fortune. But crossing Goth could lead to ones destruction.

He stared at the golden staff almost like he was in a trance. He was very interested and very intrigued by the staff, and he went to look at it again. When he took another look at it, this time he looked at it right up close. Then the jeweled red eyes glowed brightly and placed him under a spell.

Soon he developed a new bad boy behavior. Also he started dressing in a punk style complete with a leather jacket and black jeans. He went to the basement and unlocked a locked door. Next he walked down a flight of metal stairs. Then he headed down to another dark basement, then to a big empty and forgotten room. He pulled up a metal chain that retrieves a metal bucket. This bucket held the items that a possessed and crazy girl from 1966 got rid off.

The next day in Ms. Crenshaw's science class, there was another science test. Suddenly just after the test began, he walked up to his teacher claiming his test was done. At first she was mad, and thought that he was messing with her. Since his test was blank. Then he glared at her with his eyes and placed her into a trance. This made her think that his test was perfectly finished. So she gave him an A+ grade.

After class was over Alix asked him why it seemed like he didn't take the test. But he assures her that he did. Then he scolds her for thinking he can't ace a test. Then he pushes her away telling her, feeling that she must think he is useless, just like everyone else does. So now he wanted to prove to everyone that he wasn't a loser after all.

Soon he stopped talking to Alix completely, and begun hanging out with a new group of students. Then One day Alix noticed him stealing dangerous and corrosive chemicals from the science class such as mercuric acid. Then she followed him all the way to the basement.

Alix eavesdropped on him showing a group of brainwashed friends what the mercuric acid can do. He says that the mercuric acid can create a pathway. Then he poured some in a cauldron. Then he throws in some nightshade leaves and a Belladonna plant. According to him, combined together they create the mystic vapors. These vapors can supposedly be enough to free Goth.


As a bad boy

Then he caught Alix spying on him. So he sent all of his friends out to chase her down and catch her. Alix out ran them and found him again. This time, he was on his knees preparing the vapors. Then he took out a black pouch from his pocket, that had an jewel inside of it. He placed it into the mouth of the snake staff. Then it began to red. He has summoned the vision of goth. Goth tells him that he has waited centuries for an apprentice like him. He then informed Goth that he has almost gathered the final ingredient he needed in order to free him. Goth informs him it must done that night before the full moon. According to Goth, the mystic vapors must be released to do it. Then Goth promises him, that and if he succeeds in freeing him anything he'll ever want again will be his. Then Goth claimed he would receive all the power in the universe and evilly laughed.

A short time later, he meets Alix in the auditorium. At first he seemed like his normal self again. Also he was happy because she was right about how his luck was going to soon change. He was now cool, smart, popular and not getting picked on anymore. She tried to convince him to come to his senses and to resist and fight off Goth. This proved to be too late, because Goth's control on him was now too great. Then he dismissed her as a friend, then claimed that sooner or later she would become a follower too.

That night before the full moon, he and his new friends sneaked into the school, bringing in tons of mercuric acid to make the preparations to help return Goth to the world. Alix followed him and his friends. She tried to run off and call the police Then his friends caught her and stopped her from running away.

Then he had her dragged with them to the school basement. Then he tells her and all his followers that the school closed the pool off more than 25 years ago. There was a young girl who went mad (as in crazy) in there. The guards followed her into the pool room and she was completely out of her mind. So the pool was closed off ever since. Finally it was going to be opened again, since he stole the key from the janitor.

Then he and all his followers entered the pool room. He set up the staff with the red power jewel. Now his possessed friends began to pour the big barrels of mercuric acid into the pool. Then he stood on the diving board and tossed in a garbage full Belladonna leaves and nightshade.

Then Alix intercepted, pulling the red jewel out of the snake staff. After this happened, all of his friends except him fainted because he was too powerful now. Finally the mystic vapors formed and the mist filled the air. Goth finally began to start returning. However, Goth decided to try and kill Alix for her constant interference. So Goth began to focus in on her. when Alix threw the red jewel into the water, was finally freed from his brainwashing. At first he didn't remember what was going on, then quickly he remembered again.

He tried to run for help, but Goth froze him in his place becoming unable to move. Goth then stated tab he would come for him next. As goth closed on her he screamed to her, instructing her to pour the chlorine into the pool. She poured it into the pool and it dissolves the nightshade. Then in a flashing explosion Goth was sent back to where he was. Alix asked him how he knew what to do. He revealed that he remembered it from Ms. Crenshaw's chemistry exam, that he knew that chlorine would kill the bacteria in the organic leaves. Then he and Alix reunite, hug and became friends again. Then they left the school.

Meanwhile Dr. Oliver came into the pool house. She clandestinely revealed herself to be Goth's apprentice from 1966. She apologized to the staff because their mission failed and not to worry. Since she placed jewels in all of the High School's she's already visited. She assured it they'll have another chance. Then she placed another jewel into the mouth of the staff and it once again it began to glow a gleaming red! Meaning eventually someone else will become the next apprentice!



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