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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Dean Wilson is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Water Demons".


Dean lives with his dad in the country. It is unclear on the whereabouts of his mom. Since she was not seen or mentioned. However he spends his summertime, and his free time helping his dad in their general convenience store. He also makes deliveries for customers too.

During the 1994 summer, his cousin Shawn Mackenzie came to spend the summer. This was so his dad could teach Shawn some strict discipline. He tried to persuade his cousin to give the country a chance. But Shawn was too set in his ways with city life, to try the country life. He also got annoyed that Shawn kept on stealing chocolate bars and bubblegum. So he keeping on convincing him to pay for them.

Then he was not too happy to find out that he had to make a coffee delivery to the Westchester Mansion. Captain Abraham Westchester, was a wealthy sea captain who made a vast fortune looting and pillaging sunken ships. The mansion was by the sea, and he found the place to be very creepy. Then his cousin talked him into going, believing that the rich sea captain may give them a big handsome tip.

When he and his cousin got to the mansion, they found a map leading them to where the pantry was. They were to put the coffee in there and charge the bill to the Westchester store credit account.

Then when Shawn scared him from behind, he backed into a wall that turned out to be a revolving false wall. There he and Shawn encountered Captain Westchester who seemed very afraid and paranoid and exhausted.

The Captain explained to him and his cousin, that since he looted and pillaged sunken ships, he was cursed by the sea. So whenever the sea captain falls asleep, Water Demons slowly come forth from the sea to the house. They planned to drag the old sea captain to the bottom of the sea and drown him as payback. Therefore the sea captain must always try and stay awake.

He and his cousin didn't believe the old sea captain at first. They just thought he was old and getting senile. So they said goodbye and left.

That night, his cousin ran away from home. Since Shawn had an argument with his dad over going to bed so early. Then his dad told him, Shawn would be back after he calmed down. However, he got worried about him. So he went looking for him.

Soon he found his cousin hanging around the Westchester mansion. He could hear him screaming for help. Then he found him inside the woodshed. There he could see the Water Demons all calling out and trying to grab him. Then his cousin screaming and begged for his help. He didn't realize that earlier that day, his cousin had stolen a sold gold pocket watch. So now his cousin was cursed too! Then after Shawn honked an air horn several times, Captain Wester finally woke up. So all the Water Demons temporarily vanished.

Soon he and his cousin found the Captain. The captain explained that a luxury yacht named the Del Rio crashed in the sea behind his house thirty years prior. So over time he learned how he could time his sleep, but over time it was becoming less effective. Also the Captain explained that he tried returning the valuables to buoy where the crash happened. But, since he traded some away they kept on coming back.

Then he suggested that the captain to give the Water Demons the collection he got in exchange to compensate. The Captain agreed so they loaded up a boat and prepared to row over to the buoy and drop the valuables into the sea. Then his cousin accidentally knocked out the captain with an oar and knocked his glasses into the sea. Without his glasses, he couldn't see where the buoy was. So he stayed behind, he also had to guard the captain from the water demons. Therefore he talked his cousin into going to the buoy and drop in the valuables.

At first he thought Sean was taking too long. So he tried to find his glasses to check on him. Then a Water Demon pulled him in headfirst. Then when Sean throw in the pocket watch he stole, he was returned. He was soaked to the bone but he was all right. Also as a thank you, the Water Demons returned his glasses to him.

Afterwards, the Captain woke up. He told him the good news that Shawn took everything back. So now the Water Demons were at peace. Captain Westchester thanked he and cousin sincerely.

Soon Shawn properly paid him back for all the chocolate bars and bubblegum, and he started to do more to help him out in the store.


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