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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Diana is a character created by Andy. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hunted".


Diana is a country girl, who is a bit of a tomboy. She enjoyed many outdoor sports and hunting with her Father Grant. Recently her father tried to convince her to go wolf hunting with him and their friends: The fellow hunters Hank and his son Gar (whom she had a crush on). Her father and their friends were in pursue of hunting down a legendary wolf called: The Blaze. It always seemed to get away from hunters and outsmart them.

She thought about it a lot. Since she didn't want to let her dad down and she wanted to impress Gar. But her friend Laura, kept on trying to convince her that hunting for sport was wrong and to leave innocent creatures alone. Her friend Gar tried to convince her that they hunted in a more humane way: setting traps and snares. Which was apparently quick and painless. Then Laura firmly told she and Gar that it would not seem that way if it was about to happen to them.

That night, she woke up from hearing panting and whining of a wolf from outside. So she went downstairs to investigate. When looking out the window, she didn't see anything at first. Then when checking a second time she saw the image of a barking, snarling wolf creature glowing its pale blue eyes directly into her eyes. She was terrified and screamed in fear, waking up her dad. He checked outside the window, but he saw nothing except for a vicious claw mark on the window screen. Which he ignored. Then he comforted her and sent her back to bed.

The next day, after Gar showed her some hunting and tracking tips. She met with Laura. Laura gave her a beautiful charm handmade by Native Americans from a local tribe: A wolf perched on a man-in-the moon face. Laura informed her that Native Americans believe that wolves have ancient mystical powers. Unlike any other creature. Hearing this, she asked she if she believed it herself. Laura replied saying that the Native Americans respect wolves, and believed that they should too. As she examined the charm, the face's eyes glowed pale blue and became more wolf-like. A second later, it returned to normal. Then Laura asked her how she felt about hunting. She was uncertain: She didn't think it's wrong. She just didn't want to let her father down. Most of all she didn't want to let Gar down either (hoping to impress him).

That night, she heard a wolf howling outside her bedroom. Ergo she got up to investigate, and she saw several wolfish eyes staring at her in the darkness. She rushed back to her bed while her father scared them off. Later that night, she had a nightmare. In the nightmare, she saw The Blaze glaring its pale blue eyes at her. Then she slowly got up and her eyes begun to glow as well. Then she opened her window, a little later a wolf jumped through the window and attacked her in bed. She woke up screaming. At first she shook it off thinking it was just a nightmare. Then as she reached for her glass of water, she found a claw mark on her arm.

That morning, her dad woke her up saying that they were testing the traps. When she woke up she was shocked to discover that she had been transformed into a wolf. What she didn't know was the wolf charm Laura gave to her was imbued with Shaman magic. So it enabled the Blaze to turn her into a wolf! She was horrified and confused, as she rushed around her house. Adjusting to walking on all four legs. She unintentionally trashed her house.

Then she left the house through the doggy door. Then by reflex, she first approached her father and their friends. But they immediately stepped away from her in fear. Not even her own father could recognize her. Gar pointed out that the house was trashed, finding only her cap on the ground, her father immediately assumed that this wolf (her) had scared her away. So her father got into his vehicle to find her, and arranged for all of them to search the woods for her. Hank nearly whacked her with a club. Terrified, she rushed into the woods, jumping when she heard gunshots. When searching for a place to hide, she nearly got hit by a car.

Soon Laura entered her house to investigate, and found the charm that she gave her the day before. Laura immediately noticed that the charm now resembled Diana's face and she didn't seem too surprised. It was almost like she expected it to happen.

She soon found The Blaze and formed an alliance with him. He lead her back to the house. On the way though, they heard a yell for help from Gar, who mistakenly stepped into a trap. She and The Blaze approached him. Gar was totally unaware that it was she who had come to help him. So he hunched back feeling terrified. Then she and the Blaze howled loudly to attract the attention of she and Gar's fathers, then ran off. Afterwards her father didn't believe Gar when he insisted that the two wolves were trying to help him. Finally she made it back home, where Laura was waiting. Laura didn't recognize her either. But she was friendly and got her some water. Laura then began to pet her and she started to relax. Until she was startled by the loud honk from her father's vehicle.

Her father got out furiously wielding a large club high over his head. She could only back away as her father approached her. Laura yelled that she didn't do any harm, but her father insisted that the wolf caused Diana's disappearance and that it was in his house, and definitely did harm her. She continued backing away. Until she caught her right paw in a trap.

Just has her father was about to club her, she looked at father directly in the eye. Surprisingly he recognized her eyes. So he put down his club. Laura and Gar rushed forward and freed her. At this point, Laura used the charm on her and she changed back, still in her night gown. she and Diana hugged. Therefore she learned her lesson about how it really felt to be hunted. Her Father gave her a hug, and still slightly confused, she mumbled about how she was lost and now she was ok. As Blaze watched from afar.

Over time, she had looked back on her experience as a dream. However one thing was for sure: She never wanted to go hunting again!


  • Charlotte Sullivan was also in the Goosebumps episode "You Can't Scare Me" as Courtney King.

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