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This a good character as well as a ghost!

Donna Maitland also known the Dream Girl is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Girl".


Over four months before the episode took place, she and her boyfriend Johnny Angelli were very much in love and in a committed relationship. Supposedly, they had been childhood sweethearts since the age of 10 and were practically brought up in the same cradle. One Monday night in the same year the couple turned 16 years of age, Johnny gave her a nice silver ring with a sapphire center to celebrate Johnny's purchase of a 1984 Chevy automobile.

On the way home, the car stalled and got stuck on the train tracks. Since the train was coming, the only way out was to get out of the car and abandon it. At first she and Johnny made it out all right. Then she realized that she had left her ring inside the car, on the dashboard.

She quickly tried to run back inside and get it. But it was too late the train already came. Johnny tried to jump in the way and grab her but the action instead caused him to share the same lethal fate as her, when the train plowed into the car.

It was reported that the accident was a bloody one, with broken and separated limbs from the couple being strewn about for a half mile area around the train tracks. A closed coffin funeral was held at Saint Angels Church for the couple, with schoolmates and family members flocking to the event. Her mother Sarah was later interviewed by the newspapers about Donna and her relationship with Johnny.

Donna was ready to move onto the afterlife. Then she realized that she couldn't find Johnny's ghost anywhere. Therefore she decided to curse her silver ring. For when he would eventually put it on she would instantly find him. Then she would help him crossover with her to the afterlife. Sometime later Johnny found her ring. He put it on and it wouldn’t come off.

She began to appear to him in his dreams and she began to show up everywhere. She soon realized the reason her boyfriend wasn't moving on was because he had amnesia. So he couldn't remember the accident or anything that happened. Johnny thought she was stalking him and playing a joke on him. Also that she wouldn't leave him alone. Eventually he told over the phone to stop bothering him. With a sad broken heart, she told him she would leave him alone. Finally she let the ring come off of his finger.

Soon, she was thrilled to see that Johnny had shown up at the cemetery. She realized that he had finally gotten his memories back. So they reunited with a passionate kiss. She let him give the ring to his sister Erica to remember him by. Then they walked off into the dense fog. Together they held hands getting ready to crossover into the afterlife.



The role of this character was originally going to be portrayed by with the consideration of Stephanie Bauder. Until Shanya Vaughan was finally chosen.

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