This a good character as well as a ghost!

Donna Maitland also known the Dream Girl, is a character from the Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 3 episode."the Tale of the Dream Girl". She was portrayed by Shanya Vaughan.


Several years ago before the episode took place, she and her boyfriend Johnny Angelli were very much in love and in a commited relationship.

Donna Maitland

One night, he gave her a nice silver ring with a sapphire center.

On the way home, the car stalled and got stuck on the train tracks, and the only way was to just get out of the car and abandon it because the train was coming. At first she and Johnny made it all right, then she realized she had left her ring inside the car,

She quickly tried to run back inside and get it, but it was too late the train already came. Johnny tried to jump in the way and grab her but she and him both didn't make it and died when the train crashed into the car.

Donna, was ready to moved onto the afterlife but she realized she couldn't find Johnny's ghost anywhere. Therefore she decided to curse her silver ring for when he eventually did put it on she would instantly find him and help him crossover with her to the afterlife. Sometime, later Johnny found her ring and put it on and it wouldn’t come off.

She began to appear to him in his dreams and she began to show up everywhere.  She realized the reason her boyfriend wasn't moving on was because he has some amnesia and didn't remember the accident or anything that happened. Johnny thought she was stalking him and playing a joke on him and wouldn't leave him alone and when he told over the phone to stop bothering him. With a sad broken heart, she told him she would leave him alone and let the ring come off of his finger.

Soon, she was thrilled to see that Johnny had shown up at the cemetery, he got his memories back and they reunited with a passionate kiss. She lets him give the ring to his sister Erica to remember him by. Then they walked off into the dense fog holding hands getting ready to crossover and go into the afterlife.


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