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Dora Pease is a character created by Kristen. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds".


Dora Pease was born in the mid 1940s. When she was seven her mom gave birth to her twin sibling: a brother and sister. Her passion was horseback riding and she owned a horse named Mirage. Also her family for many generations owned a farm. The farm also had a hired farmhand and stable keeper named Giles. The farm also had hunting hounds and hosted annual fox hunt races.

In 1963, her family caught a small red fox to be used in an upcoming fox hunt race. She took a shine to this little fox and named him: Mom Petit Rouge. She would regularly check on him and feed him. The morning of the race, she went to the barn to check on Mon Petit Rouge. There she could see him looking so scared and upset. So she felt sorry for him, so she decided to set him free. So she opened his cage. Then the smell of him drove the hounds: Bounder, Rexy, Helga, and Brutus crazy and greatly increased their appetites.

However, before she could feed the hounds, Mon Petit Rouge got scared and ran off into the woods. She knew the hunters were already out, so she went after him. She got all saddled up and got onto her horse and chased after him, to make sure he got through the woods safely. Then suddenly the sun glared into her horses eyes. So Mirage missed a jump, and both she and Mirage fell down and died from a nasty fall.

When her body was found, her riding clothes were locked away. Also her younger sister now believed that she was being haunted by her. Since she was in pursue of a relative to possess and send back in time to help her.

Years later her brother would eventually have a daughter named Amy and her sister would have a daughter named Pam. Due to heredity, Pam would end up looking just like her. Her sister forbid her niece from riding horse, believing them to be too dangerous.

In 1992 her spirit contacted her nieces on a Ouija board. She compelled her niece Pam 's hand to move to the letters: L,E,T,M,E,O,U,T. Then to the numbers: 1,4,9. They figured that this was the combination to her clothing trunk.

When her nieces opened her trunk, Pam put on her riding coat. This enabled her to possess Pam's body and take her and Amy back in time to the 1960s. There she told Amy all about Mon Petite Rouge and how she tried to free him and ended up dying in an accident in the process. Amy at first thought Pam was just joking around.

Then she and her niece Amy came across the ghost of Giles. He looked really furious to see her. She confirmed to him that she came to finally feed the hounds. Giles told her that the morning she tried to help Mon Petite Rouge escape she forgot to feed the hounds before leaving. When he found them later that day they were nearly starved to death. Then they looked at him and he just couldn't hold them off they were so hungry. Then the shock of it was so intense it gave him a heart attack and he died on the spot. She tried to apologize to him, but he tried to slap her. Then she and Amy ran off, while he screamed to her asking her why she didn't feed the hounds.

Then inside the barn, Amy thinks she is evil and is going to feed her to the hounds. So Amy locks her in a closet. She persuades Amy to feed them kibble. So Amy gets the bags and she escapes the closet and lets them out. Then as the hounds escape they are so hungry, they try to sick on Amy. Then Mon Petite Rouge showed up and chased them away. So she mounted her house to lead him away to safety. Soon the hounds returned to the barn and ate the kibble. So her unfinished business was resolved.

Now she removed Pam from her possession. Now her ghost would no longer be tormented by the barking of the hounds, and she would no longer haunt her younger sister.

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