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Dotty appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets". She was portrayed by Kathleen Fee.


Not too much is known about Dotty, other than the fact that she's an overweight chubby woman. She's always energetic, and full of excitement and

"oooh yummy yummy!"

enthusiasm. She is best friends with Mr. Pimm & Mr. Collins (possibly even Mr. Collins' sister yet this is unconfirmed) and usually has dinner with them. She was believed to have been eaten for a short period of time after she entered her friends condo and didn't show up again. Then napkins where made from her polka dot dress. However she was soon revealed to be alive and well, and also made them polka dot aprons. It's believed that Mr. Pimm & Mr. Collins are cannibals, possibly she might be one too. Also she might their alibi who always stands up for them and covers them to avoid getting caught by the authorities.


Kathleen Fee, also portrayed Nurse Hantin in the "The Tale of the Night Shift", and Vivian White in "The Tale of the Stone Maiden".

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