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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Doug Johnston is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quicksilver".


Doug and his family just moved into a new house. He and his older brother Aaron first noticed that their bedroom mysteriously felt cold for some reason. Also that there was a big letter Q written on the wall. Then that night there seemed to be an earthquake in only their bedroom. Then for some reason it stopped when the lights were turned on.

Then later in the night a day or so later. He has now gotten very sick. Just as his brother was about to tell him about a scary dream, he points out to his brother points out that his pilot wings necklace was moving by itself to the wall. When he and his brother run after it, it stops under the baseboard. Then they realized that baseboard can come off. Then in a small dark and dusty spot his brother found a partially burned yearbook. It magically opens to a page that reveals there are two girls who look like Connie. But the burned off part only showed that one of them is named Laura Turner.

Then suddenly, the Creature of Darkness appears. And the creature slowly closed in on him and his brother. He and Aaron were terrified screaming their heads off. Then when his parents showed up, the Creature has mysteriously vanished. They thought that he was just seeing things from a fever. Since he was now so dreadfully sick.

The next day, he stays home school from school and he rests all day in his bed. He is trying to rest off his illness and drink lots of liquids. He reads up on ghosts. He learns that an evil poltergeist can haunt a house and lurk in the walls. Also that it cause pain and suffering on people. Also that there can be a good poltergeist called a Quicksilver: A benevolent poltergeist of a teenage girl who leaves the letter Q on a wall in the room they haunt. He is terrified when he remembers that there is a letter Q on the wall. So hides under his covers. Then a little later he is spooked when the Quicksilver magically refills his water glass for him.

Later on his brother learns from Connie that their new house was built over an old cemetery. So one evil creature stay behind and haunted the house lurking in the walls. However, nobody believed Laura when she started telling people what she discovered. Since she was also dreadfully sick with an untreatable cold and fever. So everyone thought she was just hallucinating. Laura claimed that it was the evil ghost doing it to her. So she decided to get rid of the evil ghost herself. So one night she got a book of magic and she lit some candles. Then she tried doing some magic to capture the evil ghost. However, something went wrong. Then the bedroom caught fire and she died in it.

Soon his brother convinces Connie to come over to their house to help get rid of the evil ghost. Before it can claim his life too. His brother and Connie seemed to followed all of Laura steps and instructions.

Then for some reason they just cannot get the wand to work. The Creature of Darkness was not halting in place. It kept on moving forward. He was terrified as it set its sights on him. He cried to his brother repeatedly for help. Then suddenly the Creature of Darkness closed in on him. Then it grabbed him and vanished!

After reviewing the the instructions, his brother finally realized the wand was incorrectly made with a steel spoon. So he quickly stuffed his pilot wings necklace into the tip of the wand.

Now the wand worked, so he the commanded evil ghost to enter a containment amulet. Then he safely returned to his room and he instantly got better making a full recovery. Then Laura's ghost came out of the wall. Then his brother and Connie gave her the amulet for safekeeping.


  • Stuart Stone and Daniel DeSanto, also worked together on the animated children show The Magic School Bus, as the voices of Ralphie Tennelli and Carlos Ramon.
    • He was also in the Goosebumps episode Phantom of the Auditorium as Brian Colson.

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