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Dr. Oliver is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice".


When she was a teenager, she got into potions and dark magic and went insane. She located the staff of Goth: A golden staff shaped like a cobra. She then placed a red orb into it to activate it. This enabled her to converse with Goth's spirit. Becoming a loyal follower and possible apprentice. She also had a long tattoo of a red cobra on her arm.

One night she broke into her High School, Linden High and went all the way to the basement. She was possibly about to try and resurrect Goth to the world of the living but security stopped her and she hid her magical items in a bucket and lowered them into the water. She was found completely insane and mad (as in crazy).

However, she is also a brilliant person. She grew up to become a famous historian and archaeologist, specializing in ancient artifacts. She was also a professional on ancient history, taking a keen interest in Babylonia. She visited various High Schools around the country and gave oral presentations about ancient civilizations and had some artifacts on display.

As she visited her old High School again, she came close to helping Goth to being returned to the world of the living. Why she didn't do it herself was unknown. Instead, she let Dean Berkham be hypnotized by the staff of Goth to became his new apprentice. When his attempt to resurrect Goth failed, Dr. Oliver made it clear that every time she went to a High School she left a ruby orb gem behind. This would place another person who found it to fall into a trance to become another possible apprentice for Goth and she laughed in insanity believing she will succeed sooner or later.

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