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This Magical Item is Evil!

The Dragon's Talisman was an evil magical talisman, created by Betty Ann. It was from the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant".


John Earlstead was believed to be the true master of this talisman. Who created it and when is an unknown. This


The Dragon's Talisman

talisman is used to harness and control a pure evil and supernatural being that is contained inside the form of a barnyard Scarecrow. The being is known as the Silent Servant. To control the Scarecrow one must open the left side of the talisman and pull out the scroll and read out loud the incantation.

It is revealed that the only way to destroy this talisman is to have the true master break it or. Or for another person to break it on a sacred item that belongs to the true master, such as a gravestone. However, as it shown after it is broken, another person can pick the two halves up and connect them back together.


Ye who recites this, that which is written. Shall summon The Silent mon hither. Awaken slumbering servant. Awaken say your master. Abide by ye true master's words, and hold ye bound by this incantation. Never turn back upon thy mission. Thy power the word "Calevactor Sellemnos", as thy true master devise the dragons and sets they silent servant to rest.