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Drake is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Laser Maze".


Drake was a highly intelligent and sophisticated robotic android. Who created him and from what planet he's from is unknown. He may have been built by a brilliant scientist, and given a mind of his own. A mind, almost to the point where he may have mistaken himself to actually be a real person. He was big into entertainment and all sorts of toys and games. On his planet, the most popular game show was "Laser Maze", an intense and more advance version of Laser tag. Where in some cases, the opponents may die while playing.

The inhabitants of his planet loved the sport of the game, but weren't very agile enough to play the game themselves. Therefore, Drake made agreements with the planet's Supreme Commanders, that he would provide them with players in exchange for large sums of money. Being very selfish and greedy, he traveled from planet to planet to find beings and creatures who were very strong and athletic, to be chosen to play the game for live shows at his home planet.

However, he didn't actually send the real beings and creatures themselves. He would place the living beings and creatures, which he called them "Alpha Units" into a cloning machine. The machines would make endless Robotic clones of the creatures which he called "Betratons" and they would have only one purpose, to do nothing but play Laser Maze. In no time at all. the Betatrons would damage and destroy each other. The more clones he made, the more life he drained from the Alpha Units. Soon enough, it would die to which he showed no mercy, pity, or remorse for his actions.

Eventually he traveled to Earth, he then came across the Fox Twins Kara and Ashley. The two sister were always competing against each other to see who was better. He was most impressed by their incredible strength and athletic skills. He chose them to test out Laser Maze, telling them it was a new game (unaware of how dangerous it actually was). Wanting a new challenge, the girls eagerly accepted the trial.

He instructed them how to play it, telling them their vests would shoot lasers out of their glasses goggles and to aim right at their opponents vests and three points would win the game. As the girls played the first round, he did detailed vital statistics on both of them. This made him happily realize they really were the best players he found so far.

When Kara won the first round, he captured Ashley and trapped her inside a cloning machine. He made the first clone of her to play round two with her sister. When round two began, Kara shot off the robot's head which horrified her. Drake was stressed and worried stating the robot may have had faulty parts and how his boss would not be too happy with him.

So he sent out four more robot clones to take Kara down, soon both girls were trapped in the cloning machines. Kara was terrified and demanded him to let them go. He refused saying that it took himself so long to find perfect players such as themselves and explain his reasons.

When suddenly, a burnt and damaged Betatron of Ashley returned. A Supreme Commander of his planet, connected itself to it, so it could communicate to him directly. The Supreme Commander was furious, stating his new Betatrons were inferior and were no longer going to accept anymore of them and demanded the money back they had loaned him. Drake stated he had spent it all on his operation and couldn't pay them back. Then he was threatened to either reimburse them, or come back to the plant and face them himself. The very thought of this idea, sent chills down his spine.

Kara then told him, they would rather go to his planet and play the game for his people themselves, then have the life drained out of them and die. Drake negotiated the idea, of how the very originals would be playing the game for them, themselves. The Supreme Commander loved the idea and let him off the hook telling him to send them right away.

Just as soon as he let the girls out of the machines, the girls double crossed him and kicked him into the portal himself. Just when the girls tried to exit the maze, he entered the game to hunt them down himself.

He proved himself to really good at his own game and may have hunted them down. That was until the two girls finally decided to work together as a team. By working together, they defeated him causing him to lose the game. When he lost the game, his CPU system conked out and crashed and he was defeated.


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