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The Dream Machine also known as The Evil Typewriter was created by Kiki. It was seen in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Machine".


The Dream Machine had the power to make nightmares come true. When the author first writes a story about someone, it first originates as a


The typewriter

nightmare for the person or the people being written about. Then when the story is read the people are transported into the story and are forced one way or another to perfectly act the roles of the story out. The motives for this can range for terrorizing people, to taunting people, to making people fall in love or to purposely kill people.

The Typewriter was supposedly invented by a man named James Ellington, who was said to be a successful masterpiece, mystery author and inventor. James Ellington went missing in 1931 and then he was found murdered in 1932. The reason he was killed and the motives for his killing are unknown, but it can certainly be assumed it had something to do with him using the typewriter. Possibly a victim he terrorized killed him and then hid the typewriter under a false room under a staircase.

More than sixty years later, James Ellington's old house was run down and almost in a condemned state. A young teenager named Sean Hackett and his best friend Billy fell through the staircase and found the evil typewriter. Sean, being a promising and skilled writer used the typewriter. He wrote two stories called the "The Halloween Dance" and "Trapped"

The Halloween Dance was about his high school having a Halloween costume dance, everyone was all dressed up. The main character in his story was his other best friend and his crush Jennifer Johnson. Jennifer was dressed as a beautiful Gypsy princess and he was a dressed as a vampire. They danced together for hours, then near the end of the night when they had their good night kiss, Sean revealed he was really a vampire as he opened his fangs to bite her on the neck. Jennifer woke up horrified from the nightmare before she was bitten. When the story was later read the story was forcibly acted out and Sean almost did end up biting her on the neck but Billy stopped reading just in time.

Then he wrote Trapped, the story was about his Billy, one night on a dare Billy went to the graveyard to search for the grave of Blind Paul. Just as Billy found the grave he bumped into a black hooded figure. Billy screamed in horror, as the black hooded figure pushed him into the reopened grave of Blind Paul. The wooden coffin closed on him, then dirt began to be shoveled on top of him burying him alive. Billy woke up just as Sean stopped writing the story. Before Sean realized the dangers of the evil typewriter, he handed Trapped into his teacher as his short story assignment.

Their teacher began to read the story to mark it, and Billy was transported into the story. Sean and Jennifer looked everywhere for their teacher to get her to stop reading it before Billy would be buried alive. Running out of time Sean had an idea, he set the typewriter down onto the table and wrote a little paragraph. Jennifer read it out loud and it said "The typewriter stopped glowing, and all the stories ever written on it never came true" The typewriter glowed green one last time then a puff of smoke blew over it. This was the end of the Dream Machine.

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