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Dreyfus is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Vampire Town".


Dreyfus was said to be The Greatest Vampire of all. He had lived for centuries in the catacombs underneath the town of Wisteria.  A vampire with incredible strength and reflexes. He can teleport and reappear within a puff of smoke. 

He was suspected by Adder Carballo, to be the vampire who was reported to have attempted to attack Wisteria's Mortician Carl Mueller the week before. Adder Carballo a gothic boy totally obsessed with vampires, chose to visit Wisteria for his family vacation. This was a chance for him to try and locate his coffin in the catacombs and take pictures, proving vampires exists and become famous.

However, when Adder Carballo discovered his barrel chamber, he unwilling released him when he pulled out the stake and threw it, to get away from vampire hunters (Stanley as a ruse to not be suspected and Carl Mueller) who had mistaken him for a vampire instead.

Dreyfus slowly caught up with Adder, he was in very bad shape. He was elderly, walking very slowly and trembling and his flesh was rotting off his face. Possibly if he begun feeding, he would have been rejuvenated. He wasted no urge, and tried to close in Adder to feed. Adder got away from him when taking his picture and the camera's flash temporarily blinded him and he ran off.

Then just a little later, when Adder found a way out of the catacomb tunnels. he slowly caught up with him and almost grabbed him, but Adder got away just in time.

Finally he teleported inside the funeral home, he arrived in a big cloud of smoke which made Adder, Carl and Stanley all cough. Stanley ran away from him terrified. He grabbed Carl and held him in a restrain and was getting ready to bite and feed on him.

Adder got his attention and got him to let Carl go, when he was offered a vial of Raven's blood with nightshade and mandrake. This is a Romanian delicacy that no vampire can resist.

Just as he began to drink the vial, Adder opened the curtains and the morning sunshine killed him. He screamed and screeched as he instantly burnt to a big pile of ashes.

Afterwards, Carl Mueller suspected it must have been him who had attacked him the week before, but Adder wasn't so sure because he had only risen the following night.


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