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Duncan is a minor character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Jagged Sign".


Duncan or sometimes referred to as Mr. Duncan, is a senior citizen who is a resident at the Scenic Vista Retirement home. He stayed there with fellow residents Louise and Marjorie. He is often assisted and cared for by a personal care worked named Yvonne. Also sometimes a local girl named Kate helps him and the other residents as well.

He seems friendly and polite, but he has gas and flatulence problems. Which often disturbs and disgusts other people when he rants and complains about it. Or when he mentions from what foods he was served that causes it. He also enjoys relaxing and playing various card games.

He may or may not be aware of the local legend of the jagged sign on the top of the cliff in the woods. According to the people living in the country, someone was murdered there years ago. Then the sign just appeared the next day. The jagged sign was defined as: A sign and mark of the dead man. If one was to stare at it for too long they would awaken the ghost and it would possess them. Then lure them up and have them fall to their doom. What he along with everyone else didn't know was that the ghost, was that of Marjorie's old boyfriend who died falling down from the cliff many years before.

During the events of the story, Yvonne's niece Claudia came to visit, while her parents were away for work. He gave a friendly and polite welcome. Only to be accidentally knocked over and fall on the stairs by her. When she ran out of the retirement home in a hurry to speak with the ghost about why he kept appearing to her.


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