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Eddy is a minor character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie".


Eddy is bad news! He is an intimidating bully and a petty thief. He also works as produce courier for the Emerald Garden restaurant. It is located the city's China town ran by the Lee family. He seems to be on somewhat good terms with the Lee's son David. David often signs for the produce shipments that he delivers to the restaurant. He has unreciprocated feelings for David's younger sister Theresa. Also with guidance and protection from her older brother, she knows better than to date bad guys like him.

During the events of the story, for unknown period of time he had been stealing money and tasting food from the Emerald Garden Restaurant. He was clandestine and sneaky. Although Grandfather Lee had developed suspicions about him, it is unknown if he was ever reported. Also during this time he looked down on David's dreams of wanting to become a comic book artist and talked down to him. Since he believed that few people with such ambitions as so, ever seem to really succeed.

Later on, David had been bestowed a gift from his Grandfather. The gift was a small wooden box. In which it contained Six beautiful golden fortune cookies. It was unbeknownst to anybody that the fortune cookies were magical. Therefore they could grant wishes and alter reality. During this time David was fed up with slaving away in his family's restaurant and never getting a break for himself.

Suddenly David had opened one by mistake. The fortune in the cookie told him: "One should find perfect existence, through imperfect existence".

Suddenly David was taken by a warrior representing David's bad side into an alternate world. One where David been born but never as a member of the Lee family. Therefore Theresa never had an older brother to protect her. So he began to date Theresa and got her involved in a life of crime. He became a very bad influence on Theresa. His influence turned her into a rebellious punk with a very negative attitude. Soon he owed people money. So he pushed Theresa to find a way to get them the money that he needed.

So Theresa decided to sell the family's golden fortune cookies. Which in this reality were passed down to her, from Grandfather Lee. In this changed reality Grandfather Lee had died long ago as a ripple effect.

David tried repeatedly to persuade Theresa to stay away from him. But she ignored him. Finally she packed up the fortune cookies and he and Theresa took off on his motorcycle.

Eventually David confronted the Bad Side Warrior. The Warrior who warped reality and made David alive in a world without a family, in exchange for having what he dreamed of having. Which was to be a rich comic book artist, with no responsibility or family to hold him back from. David stood up to the Warrior and made it clear that him having everything he wanted was not worth it, if it meant giving up his family. So David's good side won and the bad side warrior was defeated.

Then reality was changed back to the way it was. Once again he was single. Since Theresa had her brother to protect her once again.


  • Adam MacDonald also portrayed Bulldog.

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