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This is a character with an unknown status.

Eleanor Gregory was a member of the 1937 Midnight Society. She appeared as a minor character in the three part episode arc: "The Tale of the Silver Sight".


Eleanor was a founding member of the original Midnight Society in 1937, which was formed with her friends Gene, Laing Candle, Bruce McGorrill and Donna Tilton. She and her friends would meet late at night in a secret and secluded clearing in the woods to tell their best tales of horror. It is unknown what the theme of her stories were.

The Silver Sight[]

She and her friends eventually came into contact with a powerful magical charm known as The Silver Sight, which was capable of granting any wish or desire. She used this to her advantage, to help her make a fortune on the stock market.

According to Laing Candle, they all used it in their ignorance, only to realize too late that the charm was pure evil: it would first give the appearance of what they had wished for, but severe misfortunes and even fatal accidents were bound to follow.

Therefore, Bruce took the charm and carefully hid it, and soon the Midnight Society disbanded, which in turn caused the evil of the charm to go into seclusion as well. She was not told where the charm was hidden, but she was given a partial hint on a piece of broken record - her piece said: "It's a race that has no winners". The day after Bruce hid the charm, Bruce died. Also shortly afterwards, Donna died in a car accident.

Her good luck on the stock market paid off at first, she became very wealthy. She soon purchased on Mansion #24 on Walker Court (a rich & well off area). She soon married and had a family, but it was unknown whether or no she met someone with the same last name, or her husband took her last name. She soon had one son and for a number of years, she and her family had a very rich and luxurious lifestyle with the best of everything.

Then some years later, the side of effects of the charm caused her to make constant bad choices and decisions and her stocks crashed. She passed away leaving her son, Daughter-in-law and their children hiding in the sewers. This was the only place to keep them hidden from the authorities, debt collectors, bookies and loan sharks who they still owed or had borrowed money from.

In the year 2000, when Gene was an old man, he sensed that the Demon of the Silver Sight was conjuring again. At first, Gene took it upon himself to try and destroy it, but due to his age, the shock was too much for him and caused him to suffer a fatal heart attack. After Gene's death, his soul was trapped within the Silver Sight by the Demon in charge of it.

Soon Megan followed her granddaughter Peggy and figured out that her family was living in hiding in the sewers beneath her old mansion. Her grandson Jim happily agreed to give her piece of the record to Tucker's Midnight Society, Therefore they were able to find out where the Silver Sight was hidden.

Fortunately, her friend Gene's grandson's Gary and Tucker and their friends finally found the way to destroy the Silver Sight. Gary knew that The Evil Demon was the true enemy. So Gary used the charm on itself. This freed all of the souls who had fallen to the evil charm. In the last scene of the episode, she was shown listening to Gene telling the story of the Silver Sight. After the story ended, She told Gene that he had just told a very good story. Which in turn implies a possible switch in the events of time, in which none of her misfortune may have never ended up happening.