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This Magical Item is Neutral.

The Elixir of Life, was a neutral magical item created by Tucker. It was from the episode: "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse.



The Elixir of Life

Not very much is known about the origins of this elixir. This elixir is kept in a small solid silver flask sealed with a cap. the cap has the symbol of Ankh on it, which means the symbol of life. When this elixir is poured onto the hand of a dead body, (preferably a mummy) the corpse will be reanimated and become partially alive again. Then the being must also find the Ring of Eternity. When putting this ring on, after applying the Elixir to the beings finger, it will fully restore them back to life.

This Elixir was found inside a hidden compartment on the outside of Mina the Guardian's sarcophagus. How it came into her possession is unknown. There is a possibility that an Egyptian priest may have place it inside the compartment of the sarcophagus. In hopes that someday someone would revive her.

In 1994, after Mina's sarcophagus was discovered by Professor James Dugan and Dr. Capel-Smith. The sarcophagus was brought to Professor Dugan's house. There his teenage children Josh and Cleo was snooping around in it. They discovered the Elixir by mistake, and accidentally poured some of it onto her mummified fingers. This reanimated her and partially brought her back to life. Then when finally putting on the Ring of Eternity, she was fully restored back to life.

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