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Ellen is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of C7".


One day, Ellen found out that she had made enough money to start her own business. So she bought an old Inn in the county by the lake called: The Homestead Inn. she planned to fix up with a contractor. Her children Jason and Lisa weren't happy to be so far away from their friends and civilization. She encouraged them to be more positive. Since it was now their chance to run their own business, and be their own bosses.

She was a little annoyed and frustrated when she soon found out that doorknobs were popping off and chandeliers were falling down. She realized it was going to be more expensive to fix the place up than she thought.

Then late one night her son found an old retro 1940s jukebox. It played a good selection of really old instrumental and vocal songs. She and her children loved it. Then her son suggested that with retro items like that, they could even start to make their new business place fun and cool. She was happy to see her son finally thinking more positively. Then suddenly the electrical outlet for the jukebox shorted out. She got very worried, realizing that since the place was so old, it would cost a fortune to rewire it.

Luckily her son was able to fix the jukebox and get it working again. Except he couldn't seem to get the track for button C7 to work. Then her son claimed that he was seeing the ghost of a blonde woman, who was trying to use the jukebox. Soon she found out her daughter tried using a rowboat without wearing a life jacket. She had forbidden her daughter from being near the water without wearing one. Since her daughter refused to take swimming lessons.

After catching her in the act and giving them grief. She told Lisa that she never wanted her to go into the lake alone again. She also told Jason that she wanted him to keep a close eye on her when she wasn't around. Her daughter tried to explain to her that she was talking to a ghost who needed help coming home. But she didn't believe her. Jason tried to back his sister up by telling her that he had seen the ghost too. Then she finally told him why she got the property of the Inn for such a low price. It was because of the scary story about the Inn.

The story was that: In 1945 just after World War II ended, a group of people were getting ready to throw a big welcome home party. It was for a local boy who went off to serve overseas. The boy's girlfriend, who lived just across the lake arranged the whole thing. Then just before the party a telegram was delivered. This informed the people that boy wouldn't be coming home because he had died. The girl was so upset that she packed up her canoe and begun rowing away.  Also the same night, there was a really bad storm. Then the boy's girlfriend's canoe washed up on the shore empty. and she was never seen again. Hearing this, Jason said that she must have been the ghost that he and Lisa saw. She refused to believe the story, or to let anything ruin her business opportunity. Then she left him to look after Lisa while she was out for the evening.

Later that evening, Jason discovered that the record for C7 is jammed. So he opened up the jukebox and fixed the jammed slot. He figured this must be the track that the ghost wanted to hear. Lisa realized there was about to be a storm, so she hurried off in the boat to warn the woman's ghost.

She was unaware that her daughter had warned the woman's ghost that the storm was coming. So the woman came back to life. Also that her son had fixed the track for C7. So he was able to send the woman back in time and reunite with her boyfriend. Since it turned out that there was a mix up and he really was returning home from the war after all.

Back in present time. Jason informed her that Lisa was missing, both she and her son were worried sick. The she began to scream at the top of their lungs for Lisa to come back. Suddenly Lisa came back. She was so relieved that she was back safely. Lisa told her that she passed by Iris and Tommy (the former ghost of the woman and her boyfriend). Then they safely brought her back home. Hearing this, she was completely confused. Then before going inside, Jason made a suggestion: It was open the Inn hall as a café and bar for weddings and welcome home parties.


  • Jane Wheeler also portrayed Mrs. Petterson in "The Tale of the Final Wish".

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