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"Give me that ring!"

Ellen  is a character created by Megan. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Lunar Locusts".


Ellen's real name is unknown. She is a breed of parasitic locust typed aliens. One that travels from planet to planet eating and destroying everything in its path. She has shape shifting powers, which enables her to appear in the form of a beautiful blonde teenage girl. One that nobody could every suspect to do wrong. Her true appearance wasn't shown, but it can be believed it resembles a type of locust. She has a hypnotic stare. which when activated, her eyes glow a bright green. Also she can extend her arm tentacles to reach and grab things at her leisure. She can also produce razor sharp claws from her fingernails that can cut through anything.

Originally after destroying another planet, she and her partner saw earth as their next target. However, what she didn't know, was when her partner arrived his spaceship crashed over the ocean. Jake found his device/ring on the nearby beach and claimed it as his own ring.

Ellen arrived to earth safely and searched long and hard for any sign of her partner or his device ring. She herself had a device necklace, which she could also use to communicate with another being of her species, or manipulate the solar energy from the moonlight. She needed them both to successfully hatch her eggs. She planted hundreds of her eggs in a small round area under the grass in the school's football field.

She soon realized her partners device was in possession of a lunkhead jock named Jake. She posed as a new student, that just transferred to his school. While she was at Jake's house, she ate his pet fish and stole the newspaper. She tried everything to get him to give her the ring back. Going as far that she even tried flirting with him, complimenting him on how nice he was. And she even offered to be his girlfriend. All these attempts failed because Jake was faithful to his current girlfriend Julie (who was jealous of her).

Then feeling she had no choice, she snared him with her tentacles. Then she tried to place him into a trance illuminating her eyes in a bright green color, asking for the ring.

After realizing that he wasn't very bright, she tricked Jake, into believing that earth was being invaded by flesh eating parasitic alien locusts. Then she told him that they eat and destroy everything in their path. She then convinced him to help her,  through lying to him. She told him that she and her partner were just trying to defeat them. Before the eggs would hatch and destroy and eradicate earth. So they could find a new home on earth.

Ellen totally freaked Julie out, and Julie reported her to the police. That night, Ellen and Jake attempted to break into the school. This was to get her equipment back that she hid inside. Julie had called the police, and they were in hot chase pursuit of she and and Jake. She finally broke them in, by using one her claws to cut the glass on the door. Then she retrieved her special light projectors. Then she instructed Jake to put on special sunglasses on when the lunar light would pass by.

She and Jake almost didn't make it to the field in time. This was because the police were all over the place. Then Jake convinced Julie to help them by distracting the police with loud music.

Then as she ran to the light projector on the left, she was grabbed by a cop. So she tossed her device to Jake. Jake successfully tossed it into the left projector. But when trying for the one right one, he missed it.

Then Julie walked by and cluelessly threw it in for her. Then a large circular area was engulfed in a blinding green light. This seemed to render the police officers unconscious. Then she seemed delighted, by seeing this happen.

Jake then asked her if they really destroyed them. Ellen took off her sunglasses and smirked at him, giving him  the "ha ha, gotcha!" look. Then she started insanely laughing. As she realized that everything went according to her plan. Then soon, the hundreds of her eggs would hatch. Then they would invade and eradicate the earth!


  • Just two years prior her appearance, Tara Lipinski retired from her successful figure skating career, she became a gold medalist and world champion figure skater. She achieved all of this before the age of 15. At 14 years, 9 months and 10 days old, becoming the youngest person in history to ever win a World Figure Skating Championship.

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