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Ellen Ankers is a character created by Frank. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon".


She formally went by the name Ellen Harris. A short time before the story took place, her ex-husband dumped and divorced her. This left her having financial difficulties with supporting herself and her young son Jed. Her son Jed desperately wanted to get a dog. But she said no, because she felt she couldn't afford to have one.

Then her son Jed and his friend Hughie Downs started their out pet detective business, finding lost pets for people. This was an attempt to show her he could be responsible and persuade her to get him a dog. But she still wouldn't get one. Soon her son told her that the new man next door, was kidnapping lost pets and eating them. She didn't believe a word he said. She just thought it was all an excuse to let him take any stray dog he could find. To keep them safe.

Then one night later, her son came to her screaming and terrified. He claimed that he saw the man next door transform into a werewolf. She did not believe this either. She just thought her son had dog on his brain, and was just starting to see things.

She soon fell in love with a new man named Mr. Ankers, and started dating him. She invited Mr. Ankers over to dinner one night. Then much to her son's surprise, it was the man from next door! During the dinner, she was very mad that her son was so cold, and rude to her new boyfriend. He kept accusing her new boyfriend of being a werewolf. Her son tried to prove it to her, by poking the Mr. Ankers' hand with a silver fork. Then opening the curtain to expose the full moon at him. However nothing happened.

She felt very mad and embarrassed and sent her son to his room. She apologized profusely to her boyfriend for her son's behavior. He accepted her apology and he took her out for coffee.

Then while she and her boyfriend were out for coffee, her son and his friend broke into her boyfriend's house. They wanted to prove that a werewolf lived in the neighborhood. Sure enough the boys did encounter a werewolf in the house, but it was not her boyfriend: It was her boyfriend's twin brother Gordon. He was the werewolf!

It turned out her boyfriend's brother had the disease: lycanthropy. Which causes a person to uncontrollably transform into a werewolf. Also that her boyfriend loved his brother too much to have him put down and euthanized.

She revealed to her son that she was afraid of Gordon at first, but overtime she has become supportive and understanding. Which in time her son Jed would too.

Soon she and Mr. Ankers happily got married. So they all moved in together. Everything worked out: She got a loving new husband, her boyfriend got his own family. And her son finally got himself a dog. This was because when her brother-in-law is transformed, he acts like the equivalent of a dog.


  • Ellen David co-starred with Jodie Resther on the children's show Arthur. She did the voice of Bitzi Baxter.

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