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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Elma Briggs is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Prisoners Past".


It is unknown as to when exactly she was born, but her father Jack became a notorious criminal, later on known as: One-Eyed Jack. Her father eventually robbed a federal bank and was arrested and sent to prison. She missed him very much. Eventually in 1942, her father escaped from prison and he was never seen or heard from again. She was very upset. She believed that he left town and abandoned the family. Then in 1945 the prison shut down. She was then denied access to his records. She was hoping that reading the records, she would find clues as to where he may have gone.

Over the years that followed, she faced a lot of harassment and ridicule. Many immature and bored people would come over to her house and tease her. They would wear eyepatches and joke saying that they were her father. Then they would laugh seeing her get miffed and annoyed. It got to the point where she would got very tense and nervous when answering her front door.

Then years later in the 1990s, she grew old and frail. She used two canes to walk. Then one day she nervously answered her door. There she saw two teenage step brothers named Jason and Scott. They came to speak to her in regards to her father. At first she thought it was just another duo of pranksters, trying to get her going. So she pushed them away. She demanded that they never come back.

The truth was that the old prison had become a historic museum. There her father's ghost haunted his old cell. The boys thought it was a hologram and part of the tour. So they unlocked his cell freeing his ghost. At first the boys thought her father wanted to harm them. Scott was soon kidnapped by her father's Ghost and Jason went to rescue him. They figured out that her father made his escape, by tunneling at the wall behind the cell toilet. They crawled through an old ventilation shaft and found her father's rotten remains. The combined weight in the shaft, made it collapse. Eventually the boys figured out that her father's ghost was harmless. All he wanted was just help in recovering his remains.

Then by finding an old sepia tone picture in the shirt pocket, the boys had proof that they found her fathers remains. So the boys told her about what had happened and that they found his remains. She gratefully thanked the boys for their help. Now after so many years she had peace and closure. She was happy to find out that her father always loved her and did not leave town and abandon the family. Soon she would finally give her father a proper burial.

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