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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Emily Jerome is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Night Nurse".


Not very much was known about Emily Jerome's past. It can be assumed that she was a nice and caring girl. Her mother Mrs. Jerome loved dearly. So she bought her a nice blue birthday dress.

The morning of her twelfth birthday, many of her friends and their parents were invited to her house to celebrate her birthday. She was given a big pile of birthday presents. Emily's mother advised her to be careful coming down the stairs. But being excited from it being her birthday, she carried the entire of presents at once. So it caused to walk down the stairs very awkwardly.

She walked down the stairs too quickly and tripped and fell. She really took a big tumble falling down the staircase. She landed face flat on the wooden floor. Emily injured her leg. So had to stay in bed for a long time. Her mother then hired a Night Nurse to care for her and watch her at nighttime.

It was believed that The Night Nurse, caring for her was crazy. One night when she was sleeping the Nurse gave her a hypodermic needle of poison and she died.

Afterwards, her house got trapped in a slow time loop. Occasionally events and people from the day of her birthday would reappear time and time again. During the next forty years. Eventually, some years later A.J. and Nicki's Grampa bought her family's old house. Her family before moving had forgotten to take a trunk with them. The trunk filled with her families, memorabilia, old newspaper clipping. Even her old birthday dress were left in it.

Also her ghost would often appear slowly carrying down her big pile of presents. Usually she would fall down the stairs like she was trying to get someone's attention, asking for their help. Emily's ghost was nice and harmless. She never bothered Grampa. So he wasn't too worried about things.

Then one winter weekend in 2000, Grampa's two granddaughters Nicki and A.J. were coming to spend a month with him. A.J. was just about the same age her. A.J and Nicki started seeing her ghost. Along with visions from the time loop happening. Which really scared them at first.

A.J. and Nicki wanted to help Emily. So to contact her they tried to summon her ghost with a birthday cake. However when blowing out the candles, they tampered with birthday magic. Therefore when wishing to make the ghost appear, it made the ghost of the Murderous Night Nurse appear. The Night Night was now trying to give A.J. and her sister a "shot".

Eventually A.J. discovered that Emily's birthday dress fit her perfectly. When putting the dress on it took her back in time to 1960. When wearing the dress it also made everyone in the past think that A.J. had become Emily Jerome. A.J. decided that she would go back in time and become her and not fall down the stairs. Therefore Emily would never need a Night Nurse who was crazy enough to kill her. Then the ghost of the Night Nurse would no longer be after she and Nicki.

A.J. as Emily, walked down the stairs with the big pile of presents very carefully. Soon she discovered the reason why Emily fell: It was because she quickly bent over to try and pick up her bracelet that fell off her wrist. A.J. as Emily picked it up very carefully. Afterwards A.J. began to think that everything was going to be all right. Now A.J. got a little overconfident, when coming down the stairs a little quicker. In which A.J. ended up falling down and getting injured as planned.

A.J. as Emily woke up sometime later in Emily's bedroom. A.J. to find herself being cared for by The Night Nurse. She was terrified and tried to run and hide from her. It was no use, everywhere she would hide, The Night Nurse would instantly appear. Also the dress was stuck now so she was trapped. Eventually she confronted The Night Nurse in the bedroom.

The Night Nurse, just wanted to give her a shot of penicillin to make her feel better. Suddenly A.J. (as Emily) remembered that Emily had dropped her bracelet. Which happened to be her medical alert bracelet. She quickly told The Nurse that she was allergic to penicillin. The Nurse (probably heard this many times from people who hate needles) didn't believe her at first. Then A.J. (as Emily) said that she was. Then she showed her the medical alert bracelet that read: "Penicillin".

The Nurse, looked at it very seriously. She got very serious and told her to never take it off again! The Nurse then became very emotional almost like she was going to cry. The Nurse told her that without that bracelet on, she didn't know. Therefore, if she gave her the shot she might have been killed from an allergic reaction! She tells The Nurse well yeah! The Nurse promised to give her no more shots. Then she nicely helped her out of the dress.

A.J. was sent back to present time. A.J. explained to Nicki that The Night Nurse had only made a mistake and didn't mean to kill her. Looking through the trunk, they discovered that her history had been altered. She didn't die young. In fact she graduated from high school in 1965, and went on living.


  • Keenan MacWilliam would soon become well known for her role of Carole Hanson, in the television series The Saddle Club.

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