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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Emma is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Closet Keepers".


Emma is a British girl from the United Kingdom. A few days prior to the events of the story, a spaceship arrived to her country. Soon some suspicious people found her at some random place outside. They fired their soundwaves guns at her. The soundwaves emitted to her were so loud, that they gave her the most painful and earsplitting headache. It nearly paralyzed her.

She was then taken to meet her abductors boss: The Keeper. He was a cruel, heartless and sadistic man. Who was either a humanoid alien, or an evolved human from the future. He had traveled to Earth in a spaceship. He had decided to abduct various children from around the world. He planned to use them as specimens in his intergalactic zoo. One in which all different beings of aliens would pay handsomely to visit a zoo of captured 20th century homosapien children and teenagers. The Alien visitors would take great joy in observing the human children. Whether they were suffering, having tantrums, pouting, crying. Or even trying to escape.

The way she was kept from escaping, was that the exit to her cell would start emitting full blast soundwaves when the alarm was tripped. If she tried to escape, or if she got too close to the entrance, the soundwaves would go off. Also the cellblock, along with all of the junction entrances had soundwave emitters. In case she craftily escaped from her cell. Also she was fed nothing but green slime like gelatin. She thought it was disgusting to look at, but not so bad to taste.

In not time at all, she was joined by four other children. They were captured from various countries around the world. One boy was from Cameroon, another boy was from Sweden. Also two more girls. One was from Vietnam and one was from Mexico.

Soon, two more children from Canada joined them. A boy named Billy and a girl named Stacey. She filled them in on everything that had happened. Then she got a big shocking surprise. She discovered that Stacey was deaf. So she was immune to the soundwave emitters. When she told the other four children, this gave them all renewed hope for a possible escape.

Soon Stacey used her wits to escape her cell by blocking the soundwaves. She used a nearby mirror from her cell. Then she and the other children all made it to the teleportation elevator. With Stacey and Billy's help, she and the other children's discovered how to return home. They needed to click on the country that was on the electronic map on the wall near the elevator. She was the last to go and she almost didn't make it. So Stacey picked her up. Then she quickly pressed the United Kingdom on the wall map. Then the elevator opened. On her way to it, she told Billy to thank Stacey for her. Then she got into the elevator and returned home. Soon afterwards, Stacey and Billy also escaped. After they gave the Keeper a taste of his own medicine. They cleverly tricked him into of hearing the soundwaves himself. Before getting into the elevator and returning back home.


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